Play the game lost dll files do not worry to know these on the right

After the game is installed, a variety of error messages pop up when you open the situation partners must have seen, including the most common missing various dll files. You must be wondering how to use a good computer, how to be missing files? Why other games/applications are fine? In fact, these “missing” dll files are quite recognizable, and after recognizing it is also very good to solve the problem. Today I’ll talk about them.


● Missing d3dxx_xx.dll, XINPUT1_x.dll

This is probably the most common game error, from the file name can probably just come out, it is DirectX (Direct 3D) related files, such as d3dx9_26.dll, it is a file inside DirectX 9. Also from the DirectX problem there are XAudiox_x.dll, DXError.log, 0xc000007b and other ways to report errors.



The solution is very simple, look for DirectX on the Microsoft website, download and install it, and note that you need to keep the network when installing. The so-called find a corresponding dll file copied to the system installation directory / system32 / directory method is actually not very reliable, if the loss of multiple files will be more trouble.


● Missing MSVCxxx.dll, MFCxxx.dll

The loss of MSVCP110.dll is also a problem that many partners will encounter when starting the game, there is also an error reported the loss of MFCxxx.dll, the reason is the same, is caused by errors in the Visual C++ runtime environment, this function is not built into the system, you just search for Visual C++ on the Microsoft website and then download the latest installation on it.



● PhysXLoader.dll not found

This is due to the game using NVIDIA’s “PhysX” physics acceleration technology, and the system is not installed in the corresponding driver caused. If you are using an N card, download the latest driver and install it, if it is an A card, then you need to go to the NVIDIA website – “Drivers” – “All Drivers” page, find the “NVIDIA PhysX System Software” link at the bottom of the page, and then manually download and install it. NVIDIA PhysX system software” link, and then manually download and install it.




● xlive.dll is missing/found

Some older games use Microsoft’s Games for Windows Live service, which provides features such as sharing achievements with Xbox, so if the system does not have this service installed, this prompt will appear. If you are using Win7/8.1, you can go to Microsoft’s website and search for this feature to find the relevant downloads and instructions.



In Win10 Microsoft replaced this feature with Xbox services, but there are still incompatibility issues for some games, so search, download and install xliveredist to use it. If there are still compatibility issues, it will also prompt the user to install the correct version, so just follow the instructions, and I won’t ramble on here.


● Missing steam_apixx.dll

This kind of error is known to many veteran gamers as soon as they look at it, and it is definitely an error in the files related to the Steam service. It usually occurs when you want to install the so-called “hard disk version” of the game for your convenience. The solution, of course, is to honestly install the Steam client to buy, install and use the game. If you wish to transfer the game files, you must also use Steam’s own backup and restore tools.


For the most common first few dll loss problems, there are some comprehensive repair tools available online, such as DirectX Repair, which can directly repair DirectX and Visual C++ problems. In addition, it is best to use the regular way to get and install the game, in fact, many of the games themselves with the dll needed to run it, but only to install to install into the system, not copy or unzip it to play up.


The last tip for the guys, dll files are also viruses very “like” infected, if you play well before, suddenly appeared lost warning, then you must take into account whether it is poisoned, to kill the virus before installation. After the use of Windows and antivirus software should also pay attention to keep in the latest version to avoid poisoning said.


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