Ways To Convert PNG To EPS On Mac Or Windows

The article’s overview discusses what PNG is, what EPS is, why people convert PNG to EPS, convert PNG to EPS using Batch convert, and the processes involved in utilizing Batch convert. Conversion from PNG to EPS using Photoshop and the steps involved, conversion from PNG to EPS using Illustrator and the steps involved, conversion from PNG to EPS using Adobe Acrobat and the steps involved, conversion using online converters (cloudconvert and aconvert) with the steps involved, conversion using vector magic and convertio, and conversion using with the steps involved.

What is EPS?

Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) is a vector-based picture that contains both text and graphics. EPS has been widely used to share pictures, drawings, and page layouts for a long time, and it employs lossless compression to ensure excellent image integrity. As a result, a large number of logos are preserved in this format.

What is PNG?

Portable Network Graphics (PNG) is an acronym for Portable Network Graphics. It’s a lossless bitmap picture format that’s widely used on the Internet and in other places. PNG was created to address some of the flaws in the GIF format, allowing for the storing of pictures with more color depth and other critical data.

Reason for converting PNG to EPS

The PNG is a high-resolution picture that shrinks without losing quality. However, it is unsuitable for some critical picture tasks. On the other hand, the EPS is highly adaptable and configurable. Converting to an EPS allows you to edit with a broader range of tools. A firm developing a logo, for example, would most likely want a PNG file converted to an EPS. and This is because EPS is the best format for printing illustrations. However, printing a logo from an EPS file ensures better quality. For a variety of activities, the PNG offers several advantages. There will be instances, though, when an EPS will be preferable. When that time arrives, make sure you have a simple means to convert.

Way 1: Batch Convert PNG to EPS (Mac|Windows)

A professional image application would be the best solution for batch converting PNG files to EPS with excellent quality. Typically, such a program comes with many capabilities for reading and managing various types of picture files. It’s compatible with both Mac OS X and Windows.

The batch picture is the most used image program for batch editing and conversion. It gives users the ability to:

  • View and open a variety of raw pictures
  • Convert 170+ pictures to various formats, such as SVG to eps, eps to pdf, and so on.
  • Save the picture as a PDF.
  • Rename, resize, crop, add effect, rotate, change DPI, alter color, add watermark, remark, add frames or border, and more are all simple to do.
  • Upload and share the photograph via FTP or social media.
  • Processing in batches
  • Maintain the quality of the original image

Steps to Batch Convert PNG to EPS with Batch Photo (Mac | Windows)

  • Download batch picture install and install it on your Mac or PC.
  • On the main screen, click Add Photos to import single or multiple PNG files.,

  • Optional. Before converting your PNG pictures, click Edit to modify them.
  • convert-png-to-eps-2
  • Select EPS as the output format and the output folder as needed in Setup. You may also change the parameters to suit your needs. Then click OK to begin the PNG to EPS conversion.



    Way 2: Convert PNG to EPS in Photoshop

    Adobe Photoshop is the most capable program for editing and managing picture files. Therefore, it is always the top choice when converting PNG to EPS.

  • In Photoshop, open the PNG file.
  • Choose Photoshop EPS as the output format under File>Save As.

  • Optional. Select the appropriate choice from the drop-down menu in the options box.
  • Then, to convert PNG to EPS, click Save.
  • Way 3: Convert PNG to EPS in Illustrator

  • In Illustrator, open the PNG file.
  • Select Window>Image Trace from the menu bar.
  • Manually modify Preset and Mode in the Image Trace box to suit your needs.

  • Select Object>Image Trace>Expand from the menu bar.

  • To Export PNG as EPS in Illustrator, go to File>Save as, choose Illustrator EPS as the output, and then click Save.
  • Way 4: Save PNG as EPS in Adobe Acrobat

    In reality, if you have Adobe Acrobat installed, you may immediately save a PNG file into an EPS file in Adobe Acrobat.

    1.      To begin, open Adobe Acrobat.

  • Select Tools>Create PDF from the menu bar.
  • To import a PNG file into the application, choose Single File and then Create.

  • Return to Tools>Export PDF to complete the process.
  • Select Encapsulated PostScript as the output format from the More Formats menu.
  • Finally, in Adobe Acrobat, click Export to save the PNG file as an EPS file.


    Way 5: Best Online Free PNG to EPS Converter

    Online image converters are always the first choice for consumers when converting PNG to EPS since they are free and straightforward to use. Based on our testing of dozens of online free PNG to EPS converters, the best two are shown below, based on our testing of dozens of online free PNG to EPS converters (cloudconvert and aconvert). Please give it a go once you’ve double-checked the following facts.

    Cloud Convert.

    If you use Google Docs, you should be familiar with cloud convert, an online conversion tool provided by Google Docs that allows you to read or convert files that you upload to Google Drive but that Google Docs cannot open.

    And this only goes to show why cloud convert is the ideal option owing to its high conversion quality and user-friendly interface.

    The pros

    • High-quality conversion
    • Convert in bulk
    • Drag and drop files from your PC, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, or Box.
    • Excellent output format support
    • Provide conversion options to allow for file customization.
    • Make a backup of the output files.
    • Quick conversion

    The cons

    • Information leaking is a possible danger.
    • Image quality is occasionally compromised.

    Steps to Convert PNG to EPS with cloudconvert

  • Open your web browser and go to cloudconvert converter.
  • To upload PNG files, click Select Files.


  • Select EPS as the export format.
  • To modify conversion parameters, select the Settings button, then click OK.

  • Finally, press the Start Conversion button.
  • When the conversion is complete, click Download to obtain the EPS file.

    Aconvert is another free online PNG to EPS converter. It provides certified conversion quality and processes conversions quickly. Users may also convert documents, images, videos, music, archives, and even web pages with this program.

    The pros

    • Drag and drop files from your PC, a URL, Google Drive, or Dropbox.
    • Excellent output format support • Image size may change
    • Quick conversion

    The cons

    • Batch conversion is not supported; 
    • There is a danger of information leakage; 
    • Conversion quality is inconsistent.
    • There are too many advertisements on the webpage.

    Steps to Convert PNG to EPS with aconvert

  • Open your browser and go to
  • To upload a PNG file, click Choose Files.
  • Select EPS as the export format.
  • Choose whether or not to resize the image.
  • To convert PNG to EPS, click Convert Now.
  • convert-png-to-eps-11
  • Click the download icon to obtain the EPS file once the conversion is complete.



    Way 6: other forms to convert PNG to EPS using vector magic and convertio

    It’ll all come down to personal choice when it comes to converting a PNG to an EPS. If you need to convert many files, downloading and installing a converter may be the best option. Browser-based solutions are ideal if you don’t have a lot of hard drive space or don’t want to commit to an installation.

    After you’ve decided on the sort of converter you want to use, you’ll need to find out which system is ideal for you. Trying a few different converters to discover which one provides the most excellent features and results is sometimes all it takes for systems that need to be installed.

    • Vector Magic offers a user-friendly design and a plethora of useful functions.
    • Convertio is a primary site with quick uploads and downloads for browser-based systems.

    Way 7: How to use to convert PNG to EPS

    1st Step: Upload a PNG image

    Choose a PNG file to convert from your PC, Google Drive, Dropbox, or drag and drop it into the website.

    2nd Step: PNG to EPS Converter

    Choose EPS or any other format you’d like to convert.

    3rd Step: Download your EPS File here.

    Wait for the conversion procedure to finish before clicking the Download converted EPS file button.

    In conclusion

    The article discusses several ways of converting PNG to EPS on a Mac or Windows computer using various steps and images. Converting PNG to Eps allows for more flexibility in editing with various tools; for example, a company creating a design would most likely want a PNG file converted into an Eps, because the Eps is best for designing illustrations. Also, printing a logo from EPs files will yield better results.

    However, if you’re having difficulties converting from PNG to EPS, study and follow the steps in the article, including the images, you will indeed find a way out.

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