Software recommendation: powerful unit display Compare and convert

In this world, the measurement of matter, time and space cannot be separated from the unit of measure. Each country or region may have a different unit of measure, and there are different units of measure at different times. In order to trade or dock, different units need to be converted to each other. Displaying, comparing and converting various units can be easily done with a free software called Unit Converter.

1. Display of units and single conversions

If you wish to list the different unit values of a certain unit of quantity 1 in all countries, organizations or periods, first select this unit in the Category list (e.g. select the lengthLength unit m), then select Table with all Units through the Display list (which means list all units), and subsequently in the list below, all the different units with 1m equivalent of all the different units of length (Figure 1).


To find the value corresponding to one of these units, for example, how much 1m corresponds to the old Chinese city ruler, simply find Chinese in the System column and click on the “City ruler” row to find out how much 1m corresponds to 3 city rulers.

Since the number of categories for each unit of measure is very large, it is time consuming to browse through them. In this case, you can also filter by entering keywords in the Filter column. For example, if you are limited to Chinese units, enter Chinese, and then it will be easier to locate the unit again (Figure 2).


2. Compound comparison and conversion of units

Sometimes it is necessary to obtain the numerical conversion relationship between more than two quantities at the same time. In this case, first select the category from the Category list, such as Time, and then select Compare two Units or Compare three Units from the Display list. For example, to compare three units here, select the unit type Year, Month, and Hour respectively. Subsequently, by specifying a value in any of the three units, the other two will follow (Figure 3).


The conversion result can be copied and utilized. For numeric values only, click the first copy button after the numeric box; if the quantities are copied together, click the button after it. Select the checkbox below and the copied content will be displayed in the text box at the same time (Figure 4).


Tip: This software contains more than 4500 units in 33 categories. Users can also customize more units by using the Create User-Defined Units command under the Program menu.

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