Office hacks: PowerPoint to do video tutorials with skill

Recently, the company used a new software, many colleagues are not familiar with how to operate, so I am ready to record a video tutorial for everyone to learn. The requirement is very simple, as long as you can record the operation process and synchronize the explanation sound, and you can add the necessary prompt subtitles as needed. After some fumbling, I found that I could record it with PowerPoint 2019 and add synchronized subtitles.

1. Recording screen

Open PowerPoint 2019, switch to the “Insert” tab, click the “Screen Recording” button to bring up the recording control bar, click the “Select Area” button to frame the Click the “Select Area” button to select the recording range; click the “Record” button to start recording the screen after a 3-second countdown (Figure 1). After recording, press “Win + Shift + Q” key combination, the recorded video will be automatically inserted into the page.


2. set video crop and add subtitles

Using annotations and animations in PPT, you can add synchronized subtitles to the video tutorial. After the video is inserted into the page, right click on the video and select “Set Video Format” to crop the video (Figure 2).


Switch to the “Animation” tab and select “After the previous animation” after “Start” so that the video will play automatically; play the video and the current screen will be displayed on the control bar below The time of the current screen will be displayed on the control bar at the bottom. Play the video to the point where you need to add subtitles, note down the time point of the current screen (4.15 seconds in this case), and then pause the video; switch to the “Insert” tab, click the “Graphics” button and select “Label→Dialogue bubble: rounded rectangle”, drag and drop to draw bubbles in the screen where you need to prompt, and enter the text (Figure 3); switch to the “Animation” tab, add a “fade” animation, “Start” is set to “Fade”. “Start” is set to “Simultaneous with previous animation”, “Delay” is set to add the subtitle screen where the time point (that is, 4.15 seconds).


The subtitles should disappear automatically after a while, or set in the “Animation” option. Click “Add Animation” and select “Exit→Fade” (Figure 4), then the subtitles will disappear, “Start” is set to “Simultaneous with previous animation “For example, if the subtitle starts at 4.15 seconds and stays for 4 seconds, the time is set to 8.15 seconds. Using this method you can continue to add other subtitles; you can also copy this subtitle and paste it to the appropriate location, then modify the cue text and the time of the entry and exit animations, thus adding multiple subtitles quickly.


3. export video tutorials

Recorded video tutorials, you can click “File → Export” in turn, select “Create Video” to export to MP4 format video.


If you do not need sound, you can also choose to “create dynamic GIF”, exported to GIF animation, which is very practical, a lot of technical web articles in the dynamic presentation picture, in fact, is a GIF animation.

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