Office hacks: PPT can also “mail merge”

Recently received a task, there are 100 honorary certificates to be inserted into the PPT in pages, these certificates are the same except for the names of the winners are not the same. If in Word, we can completely through the “mail merge” to complete, but PPT does not have this function, do we have to add page by page? In fact, as long as you use OK plug-in, you can make PPT also complete the “mail merge”.

First of all, install OneKeyTools plug-in (download at, OK plug-in for short, all functions of the plug-in are free. Open PowerPoint, insert a blank certificate picture, enter the fixed text content, where the name is a separate text box (Figure 1); select the page and press “Ctrl + D” to copy out the second page, the name of the page (so-and-so) to delete, leaving the name automatically filled later; then select the second page and hold “Ctrl + D” do not put, copy 99 pages, so that no name filling page is 100, a total of 101 pages.



There are many versions of the OK plug-in, and here we recommend using the latest version of OneKey Lite from the official website, which is more fully functional and runs faster than OneKey10. It is recommended to download directly from the official website portal provided by the author, to obtain convenient and safe.

Then, go back to the first page, change “so-and-so” to the name of the winner, without entering each of the 100 names in the text box, enter a name and press the Enter key to change the line, that is, one name and one paragraph, or you can directly copy and paste from other places; if the name is 2 words, then add space (Figure 2). Select the text box, switch to “Onekey Lite”, select “Split Text → Split by Paragraph”, then all the names will be copied and broken down in a separate text box.


Next, delete the whole paragraph of the name text box, then select all the names in the individual text boxes, switch to the “Format” tab, use the “Align” tool in the “Top Align” and “Left Align” tool to overlap all names and move them to the name position (Figure 3). As there are 100 names, respectively, to select the more troublesome, you can press “Ctrl + A” to select all the contents of the page, and then hold down the “Shift” key, click the unwanted content will be unselected; you can also use the “Select Pane” to select the text box, which will be more convenient.


After that, select the winner’s name in the first page, switch to “Onekey Lite”, select “Auxiliary Functions → Multi-image Unification → Select Image Paging” (Figure 4), at this time, the names here will be automatically assigned to the following pages in order, the order of the names is determined by the upper and lower levels of the text box, the higher the level in front. OK plug-in in the text box by paragraph disassembly, the more paragraphs back, the more stacked levels in the page will be up, so if there is a ranking order, the ranking in front of the paragraph should be placed in the back.


Finally, delete the first page, switch to the “View” tab, click “Slide Show”, you can overview all award pages (Figure 5). If there are other options in the award form that need to be changed, the same method can be used to achieve the same, for example, the first 50 are outstanding teachers, the next 50 are outstanding principals, you can enter outstanding teachers in the first 50 paragraphs of the text box, and the last 50 paragraphs enter outstanding principals, and finally use the OK plug-in to “mail merge”.


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