Office hacks: PPT chart around the circle animation production

In the use of PPT slides show data, many times will use the ring chart, when the presentation of the ring is often a circular animation effect, many people think that this effect to rely on plug-ins to achieve. In fact, such an animation effect in the PPT slides using the “combination of self-selected graphics + gyroscopic animation” is easy to achieve. Next, let us together to create such PPT animation effects.

First, open the PPT, a new blank page, set the required background, switch to the “Insert” tab, insert the shape of the hollow circle; selected hollow circle, adjust its size as needed, drag the yellow control handle of the hollow circle to adjust its inner circle radius to the required size, set its shape fill to none; then, then insert the hollow arc. Then, insert the hollow arc, set the size of the hollow arc and hollow circle exactly the same through the “Format” tab, overlap the hollow arc with the hollow circle, drag the two yellow control handles of the hollow arc, adjust its inner circle radius to exactly the same as the hollow circle, drag the yellow control handles on the right side of the hollow arc, and adjust the fill range of the hollow arc according to the required chart data (Figure 1).


Next, select the two graphics, switch to the “Format” tab, and combine the two graphics. Switch to the “Animation” tab, select “Appear” in the “Enter” animation, then click “Add Animation “Select “Emphasis” in “Gyroscope”; right-click “Gyroscope” animation in the animation pane, select “Timing”, “Start” set to “After the last animation”, “Period” select “Fast” (Figure 2).


Similarly, then draw two groups of hollow circles and hollow arcs, according to the above operation for the corresponding settings, combination, for the combination of “appear”, “gyroscope” animation, the beginning of the two animations are set to “after the previous animation” (Figure 3).


Select each hollow circle, set their lines to “none”; use the rectangle and text box in the self-selected graphics to add the legend, use the text box at the end of each hollow arc to insert the number label needed for the chart, and set the animation of the number label to “appear “, “start” set to “after the previous animation”; in the animation pane, drag and drop the animation effect of the number label to the bottom of the corresponding combination animation. Finally, use the solid circle in the self-selected graphics to add the title of the chart can be (Figure 4).


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