Office hacks: PPT golden eggs mall promotions green and environmentally friendly

In order to increase the popularity and promotion volume, many shopping malls will engage in some golden eggs sweepstakes activities to give back to consumers. Not to mention that it is a waste of money to buy golden eggs, the key is that at the end of the event, it is hard to clean up the pieces of golden eggs and other closing work. In fact, it is possible to use PPT to complete the work of smashing golden eggs, both clean and environmentally friendly, there are also technological content. Next, I will give you an introduction to how to achieve.

“The making of “hammer module

Start PowerPoint (this article to the 2016 version as an example), a new PPT document “animation decomposition” and insert a background image, and then click the “Insert” tab in the “picture “button, insert the decompressed hammer picture (Figure 1).


Tip: I have collected a number of hammers, golden eggs and other picture material, you can get from下载 “material.RAR” compressed package, decompression spare.

Select the hammer picture, click the “Animation” tab in the “Add Animation → Enter → Appear”, to add its appearance animation effects. Click “Add animation→Other action paths→Diagonal up to the right” to add diagonal up to the right animation effects. Click “Add Animation→Exit→Fade Out” to add fade out animation effects.

Double-click the “Appearance” animation option shown in Figure 1, open the “Timing” tab of the “Appearance” dialog box, and change the “Start “parameter to “Simultaneous with previous animation”. Open the “Effect” tab of the “Diagonal Up” dialog box, change the “Smooth End” parameter to 0.15 seconds and “Smooth Start “parameter to 0 seconds. In the “Timing” tab of this dialog box, change the “Start” parameter to “Simultaneous with previous animation” and “Period “parameter to 0.3 seconds. Open the “Timing” tab of the “Fade Out” dialog box, and change the “Start” parameter to “Simultaneous with previous animation “.

“Create the “Egg Smash Module

Create a new blank slide, insert the picture “fireworks 1” (Figure 2), then click “Enter → Fade Out”, “Exit → Fade Out” command, respectively, for “Fireworks 1” to add two fade-out animation effects.


Double click the two animation options respectively (Figure 2 right), change the “Start” parameter of the “Timing” tab to “Simultaneous with previous animation”, “Delay” parameter to 0.3 seconds. Delay” parameter modified to 0.3 seconds, and then the second animation option “Timing” tab “Period” parameter modified to 1 second can be.

Repeat the above process to create three more blank slides, add the other three fireworks materials you unpacked, add animation effects for them, and set the animation parameters.

Create the other modules

PNG” (Figure 3), then click “Add Animation → Exit → Erase”, “Add Animation → Exit → Fade Out “, to add two animation effects for its erasure and fade out. Next, the two animation options “Timing” tab in the “Start” parameter modified to “and the previous animation at the same time”.


PTTX”, enter the text “View Winning” and set the personalization parameters, it and the broken golden egg should also be overlaid together (Figure 4, the first one shown in the countdown).


Create a new slide, insert a text box and enter the text information related to the prize (Figure 5), and then insert the relevant pictures, and finally insert two buttons “Home” and “Exit” can be.


After completing the above operation, then follow this step to create other prize modules can be.

Tip: In order to avoid missing, we suggest you copy the animation materials such as “hammer”, “egg smash effect” and “golden egg” to the slide shown in Figure 4.

Design of the main interface of the game

Create a PPT document named “Golden Egg”, insert five blank slides, copy the broken golden eggs and “View Winning” shown in Figure 4 and arrange them well (Figure 6). Then select “View Winners”, click the “Insert” tab in the “Hyperlink”, for its designation to the second blank slides. Select the slide in the “Exit” button, click the “Insert” tab in the “Action” tab, in the pop-up “Action Settings “dialog box, check the “Hyperlink” to the radio box and select “End Screening”.


Follow this procedure for the “Exit” button in other slides. Set the “End Show” action. Set the link for the “Home” button to the first slide, for the other three golden eggs in the text “View Winners” were designated to link to the third, fourth and fifth slide.

Tip: In the actual operation process, the number of golden eggs and prizes page, you can set the number of flexible.

Move the intact golden egg in the upper left corner shown in Figure 6 to cover the broken golden egg and the text, and then copy the first fireworks material above Figure 4 to the intact golden egg in the upper left corner after moving. Double-click the corresponding animation effects with the picture material, in the pop-up “Timing” tab, check the “Click the following object to start the effect” radio box and select the top left corner of the complete golden egg picture material name (Figure 7), and finally click “OK” can be.


Follow the above steps to add other fireworks and hammer clips to the complete golden egg in the upper left corner, and set the trigger of the related animation to the complete golden egg in the upper left corner. Of course, the method of adding other complete golden eggs, fireworks and hammer materials shown in Figure 6 is the same, that is, copy the related materials, and then set the trigger to the corresponding complete golden egg picture and arrange it (Figure 8).


Effect Preview

After the above steps are finished, the PPT version of the golden egg game is ready. Press the F5 shortcut key and you will see the interface similar to the one shown in Figure 6. Click on a golden egg (such as the lower right corner), you will see a cool golden egg broken animation, and then the complete golden egg will disappear, and then click on the broken golden egg on the “View Winning” link, you will be able to similar to the prize page shown in Figure 5.

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