Office hacks: PPT graphics layout too ugly? Master this simple action on it

What is the biggest headache when making PPTs? If I were to choose, the addition of pictures is the biggest headache – if not handled well, the PPT will look extremely simple and rough, and the presence of pictures will instead destroy the minimalist beauty of the PPT. In fact, as long as you master some simple operation steps, you can make your graphic PPT extremely exquisite and beautiful.

The method I use today is to use the SmartArt function in PPT, which provides us with a lot of picture layout layout, and a variety of pre-made layout options, which makes everything much easier.

First open the PPT and insert the pictures you need to layout into the PPT, switch the toolbar above the PPT to “Insert” item, then click “Pictures” to select the pictures you need.


At this time, the inserted pictures are stacked together and have exceeded the PPT background size, don’t worry, we continue to process.


Click the toolbar at the top of the PPT to “Format” item, then click “Picture Board”, choose a format you like, I have chosen “Spiral”, which is our The most common arrangement.


At this point, the images have been arranged according to the board we chose, but we need to process them further, and this look alone is still not enough.


Use the right mouse button to click on the edge of the spiral map lines, pop-up menu to see the “Convert to Shape” option, note that the right mouse button is not on the picture, that operation is not visible the option.


Next, we have to click the right mouse button again, in the pop-up menu, select “Combination → Cancel Combination”, note that this step is to cancel all the pictures of the “link”, so still pay attention to the location of the right mouse button.


The reason why you have to cancel the combination is to delete all the redundant dots in the picture, which affect the subsequent operation and even the future modification. Note that it is better to click when deleting points, rather than using the left mouse button to drag and drop the circle selection, such an operation is easy to accidentally delete the picture together.


After all the points are deleted you can reassemble all the pictures together again, the method is to select all the pictures, and then right-click the mouse, select “Combination → Combination” in the menu (Note: not reassemble).


At this point, when you tap this combination of pictures together, tap any corner can be dragged and scaled to adjust it to the right size, and then add text according to your needs. How about this, a simple operation can be exchanged for a very fine looking PPT graphic layout page, is it easier than you think?


In addition to this traditional PPT content of stitched pictures, we can also use SmartArt tools to create a honeycomb PPT content of mixed pictures and text. After inserting and adding photos, we still click “Format→Picture Board”, and then choose a template that can be mixed with pictures and text, such as the “Hexagonal Cluster” I chose.


At this time, it is already a honeycomb effect with mixed text and graphics. However, the color looks monotonous, at this time, we can also switch to the “Design” item in the upper sidebar of the PPT, and then click “Change Color” to pick a suitable color combination according to your preference.


The final effect is shown in the picture, using the picture + text splicing layout, coupled with a colorful combination of personality, so that the original rigid picture layout immediately become alive, but also effective in highlighting the text content, is not very good-looking?


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