Office hacks: PPT graphics more three-dimensional data relationship more direct

When we make PPT, we often use circles to express the relationship between groups of data. But the circle is too single, so we need to find ways to make it more varied, so that the expression of data is more three-dimensional, and the relationship between the data is more clear, such as cutting it into a “pie”. But these “pies” seem to be very easy to cut, but in fact requires a lot of skills.

The diagram below seems easy enough, as long as you add a small circle in the middle of a large circle and divide it equally with a few white lines. But please note that each cut out “pie” is a different color, how to solve this?PowerPoint is not Photoshop after all, so you have to find another way to solve this problem. The author solves it by the following method. (Figure 1)


Start PowerPoint 2016 after a new blank presentation, and then right-click the blank slide, select “Grid and Reference Lines → Add Vertical Reference Lines (add horizontal reference lines)” from the context menu, add two reference lines that intersect vertically. (Figure 2)


Switch to the “Insert” tab, click “Shape”, click on the oval, and then hold down the Shift key to draw a square circle in the slide with the mouse, and align the center of the circle with the center of the cross reference line, the circle is divided into four pie shapes. If you need to slice smaller pies, you can draw several straight lines to continue slicing the circle. (Figure 3)


Next, draw any shape (e.g., a triangle), using the lines drawn above as reference lines, covering the rest of the circle and keeping only one pie shape. (Figure 4)


Select the circle and mask with the triangle, and then switch to the “Drawing Tools – Format” tab, click “Merge Shapes → Cut”, you can get a pie-shaped. (Figure 5)


Press Ctrl + C to copy the resulting pie shape, and then press Ctrl + Z in succession to restore the operation to the state before merging shapes. At this point, then press Ctrl + V to paste and drag and drop the pasted pie shape to one side. Next, continue the above steps, using any shape to cover the rest of the circle, leaving only another piece of pie shape, also after merging shapes to get a pie shape, copy and paste it. (Figure 6)


Repeat the above steps to cut all the circles. At this point, we can give each pie shape a different color. Right-click on a pie shape, click on “Fill” from the context menu, and select a different color. Once set, reassemble them into a circle. (Figure 7)


Finally, add a small circle in the middle to decorate, and add the corresponding text, etc., you can achieve the effect shown at the beginning of this article. And on the basis of this graphic, we can also change other effects. For example, if we delete some pie shapes and enlarge the small circle in the middle, we will get a different result. And by copying and pasting this new graphic again, and changing the color and arranging the combination, we can produce a PPT with a completely different effect. (Figure 8, Figure 9)



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