Office hacks: PPT in the dynamic ant line smart production

The so-called ant line is equal to the distance of the imaginary line constantly moving up and down, resembling the movement of ants. In the slide show picture, add a box to the picture, and this box into a dynamic ant line effect, will be more eye-catching. To create such an effect, simply customize the animation effect on the dotted line and set it, it is easy to achieve (Figure 1). Below we introduce the operation to achieve this effect using PPT 2016 version as an example.


First, create a new blank slide, set the background color, insert the desired image, adjust the size and position, use the straight line tool to draw the four sides of this image, set the thickness of the four sides as needed, and then set its line type to dashed (Figure 2).


Next, four more small line segments are inserted as the starting points for the four border lines. To make it clear, separate the border lines from the picture first, and then insert the individual starting lines (Figure 3).


Next, it’s time to set the corresponding animation effects for the four edges and the four starting points. Select the top line, switch to the “Animation” tab, set its animation effect to “Other Paths→Right”, and reduce the distance between its end position and the start position (preferably the distance between the start and end points is one frame of the dotted line). Similarly, add the animation effect “Other Action Path → Down” for the rightmost line, “Other Action Path → Left” for the bottom line, and “Other Action Path → Up” for the leftmost line. →Up”, and reduce the distance between the end position and the start position of each animation effect. The “Start” of each animation is set to “Simultaneous with previous animation”, and the “Duration” is also set to “0.3 “. Then select the starting line that represents the top edge, set its animation effect to “Erase”, and choose “From left” at “Effect Options”. Similarly, the animation effect of the other starting lines is also set to “Erase”, except that the effect representing the rightmost line is “from the top”, the effect representing the bottom line is “from the right” and the effect representing the leftmost line is “from the bottom”, their “start” is also “at the same time as the previous animation”, and their “duration The “start” is also “at the same time as the previous animation” and the “duration” is also “0.3” (Figure 4).


Finally, right-click each border line animation effect, select “Timing”, “Repeat” at the choice of “until the end of the slide”, and then switch to the ” Effect” tab, “Smooth Start”, “Smooth End” are set to 0 seconds. Adjust the position of each side line, the starting line, set them to a uniform color. Thus, the dynamic ant line is created.

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