Office hacks: PPT picture rotation effect tricky to make

In the slide show, many slide LOGO animation effect is to rotate a picture around the Y-axis display, which also adds a lot of light to the slide (Figure 1). So, such an animation effect PPT is how to create it? In fact, the use of PPT Animation Master is very easy to achieve.


First of all, download and install PPT Animation Master, after the installation is complete, Animation Master will appear in the PPT “Add-ins” tab. Create a new blank slide, set the background color, draw a vertical line using the optional graphics, insert the required picture, rotate the picture so that its two opposite corners are on the inserted line. Next, add an animation effect to the straight line. Select the line, choose the “Animation” tab, select “Basic scaling” in the animation, choose “Cut in” in the effect option, the time is 1 second, the delay is 0; click Add Animation”, select “Line Color” in “Emphasize Animation”, select the desired color in the effect option, such as white, start with “Simultaneous with previous animation”, time is 0.5 seconds, the delay is 0; then add the “disappear” in the exit animation, the beginning of “and the previous animation at the same time”, the time is automatic, the delay is 1 second. In this way, the animation effect of the line is set up (Figure 2).


Select the picture, select “Add-in”, click “PPT Animation Master”, right click in the left window of the “Animation and Action” column, click arrow at “Add”, select “appear”, delay time is 0.5, trigger type is set to “after previous animation”, click the “√” button at the top right corner of the animation time (Figure 3). “button in the upper right corner of the animation time (Figure 3).


Then right click in the left window of the “Animation & Action” column, click the arrow at “Add”, select “Fade Back Effect”, after adding successfully, select the animation, and keep only “Properties” and “2. Properties”, and delete the others; select “1. Properties”, and in the “Animation time “column, set the time to 2.5, the number of repetitions to 1000, and the trigger type to “After the previous animation”, and click the “√” button at the top right corner; in the “Attribute behavior column, select “1”, enter “#ppt_w*cos(2.5*pi*$)” in the Formula, click the “√” button in the upper right corner. ” button, the rest of the content is left unchanged (Figure 4).


Finally, in order to increase the effect, you can use self-selected graphics to add an ellipse below the picture, soften the edges of the ellipse, placed on the bottom layer, use PPT Animation Master to set the same animation effect for the ellipse and the picture, except that its animation effect trigger type is “with an animation at the same time”. In this way, the rotation effect of the picture is finished.

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