Office hacks: PPT text 3D rotation animation tricky to make

In PowerPoint slides, text animation can also achieve 3D rotation effect? Yes, that’s right! In PowerPoint slideshow, you can easily achieve 3D text rotation animation effect by just using Nordri Tools add-in.

First, download and install the Nordri Tools plug-in. Create a new blank slide, set the background color; insert a text box, enter the required text, adjust the size and font. Right-click the text, select “Set Shape Format”, select the “Shape tab → Size and Properties” tab on the right, write down the width of the shape, such as “12 cm”, and then select “Effect” tab, expand “3D Rotation”, and enter half of the width (with units) at “Height from bottom”, such as “6 cm”, enter will be automatically converted to the corresponding pounds (Figure 1).


Next, copy this text, paste a copy out, the copied text “three-dimensional rotation” of the X rotation set to 270 degrees, so that the font will be to the left, and then disappear (Figure 2).


Select the text in the slide, click “Select→Select Pane”, hold down the Ctrl key in the selection pane to select all the text boxes. Select the “Nordri Tools” tab, click “interval animation”, set the interval frame number to 12 and time length to 0.02 in the pop-up window, of course, you can also set the frame number and time length according to your needs to achieve the effect you need (Figure 3).


After confirming, several text boxes will appear, select them all, and set them to be centered horizontally and vertically in the “Format” tab. In this way, the text will be rotated in 3D (Figure 4).


Similarly, insert the same font and size of the text again, set the height from the bottom edge, and copy the text rotation by 90 degrees from the right side. Select all the text, they will be horizontally centered, vertically centered. Finally, the rotation of text box 1 is also set to 270 degrees on the completion of the job (Figure 5).


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