Office hacks: PPT text beautification secrets

The status of text in PPT is self-evident, and beautifying and decorating text is also the most common operation in PPT. So how to make a special effect text suitable for the page according to the actual needs? In this article, we will share with you the relevant text beautification secrets through examples.

The potential of text formatting

Under normal circumstances, you can make beautiful text by modifying the format of text. Especially after PowerPoint 2007, there are a lot of built-in special effect word styles in the “Art Word Style Library”, which is very convenient to use.

Switch to the “Insert” option, click the “text box” in which to enter the text: 2018, and then switch to the “Format” tab, in the ” Art word style” can be optional built-in effects (Figure 1), click “text effects” can add shadows, images, light, prismatic and other special effects, and each effect can be modified to get more personalized special effects.


Enter the text: roll up your sleeves, and then select a font with a sense of power, and enlarge the font size to the appropriate location, click the “text effect” select “conversion” under the “trapezoid: positive”, right-click the text and select “Set Shape Properties”, in the “text options” under the “text effect”, modify the “three-dimensional rotation” in the “Y rotation” value, and then drag the “adjustment point” to modify the gradient of the text (Figure 2), so that the text is written on the ground as well.


Universal Text Fill

By adding different fill materials to the text, you can get a lot of special text effects that you never imagined. If you have enough brains, you can get a lot of special text effects at your fingertips (Figure 3).


Enter the text and set the font pride, insert a picture, adjust the size of the picture and the text size is about the same, so that the picture will be filled to fill to the text, the appearance is easier to get the same effect as the picture graphics. Ctrl + C keys to copy the picture, and then the text select “Set Shape Format” (Figure 4), in the “Text Options” select “Picture or Texture Fill”, and then click “Clipboard” button to copy the picture and paste the picture fill, so that a similar effect to the snow and ice words generated.


Replace the text with symbols and then fill the picture, you can also get some unexpected effects. First type insert a text box, enter a number of “|” (vertical line), and then set the font to Britannic Bold, switch to the “Format” tab, click “Text Effect “Select “Convert → Bend → North Korea Drum”, the text box for bending (Figure 5), and finally fill the text with pictures, so that you get a picture split effects.


Incredible Overlay

By overlaying the text, simple overlay processing can generate multiple strokes, three-dimensional characters, etc. Especially with the iSlide plugin (, the overlay effect is enriched by the interpolation animation.

Input text and press Ctrl+D to copy 2, the first one is set to green, no border; the second one is bolded, the text fill color and border color are yellow; the third fill color and border color are purple, and the border width is set to 18 pounds (Figure 6), and finally the text is overlapped in turn, so that the multi-stroke word is formed.


Enter the text and copy a copy, modify its color and adjust its position so that it is slightly misaligned, and then select the two text boxes, switch to the iSlide option, click the “interpolation animation” pop-up dialog box (Figure 7), click “Advanced Mode” to open all the settings options, and then set the “number of interpolation”, click the “Apply” button to generate multiple text boxes to form a three-dimensional effect. If the font size and color of the two text boxes are different, it will be in accordance with the font size and color to form a gradient three-dimensional text.


Can not not say the font

We must not ignore the power of fonts, sometimes a layout, as long as a font can hold up, and the use of special fonts to do special effects are often efficient and simple, with half the effort.

Fonts are the “coat” of text, many design users will be installed in the computer a lot of fonts, especially handwriting, calligraphy body is very widely used (Figure 8). Special fonts can be downloaded and installed from the “Request Font” ( The text with special fonts can be embedded into the PPT, so that the fonts will not change even if the text is modified. If you do not need to change the text with special fonts, you can convert it into a picture, which can also reduce the size of the file.


Variable splitting

Split the text, and then with graphic symbols and other materials, you can also generate a variety of special effects, shape materials can be directly from the PPT Beautification Master ( to call, very convenient.

Enter text to adjust the font size, draw a rectangle equal to the text, and then select the text and rectangle (Figure 9), switch to the “Format” tab, click “Merge Shapes” under the “Split “and then delete the excess, so that the text is converted into graphics, and the separation can be deleted.


After converting the text into graphics, you can also modify the color, according to the need to delete and separate the part can be deleted, after the deletion we can replace it with some graphic symbols, graphic symbols can be found from the PPT Beautification Master “shape” library (Figure 10), and you can modify the color at will, so you can modify the text according to their own ideas to beautify the graphics.


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