Office hacks: PPT to create a powerful Q-tip animation effect

Many companies have a company’s LOGO icon in the slideshow, if the LOGO appears on the screen into a Q-tip animation effect, then the slideshow is bound to look a lot more dynamic. In fact, you only need to use the “PA animation plug-in” to LOGO icon for a few scaling effect settings, you can easily achieve the Q animation effect.

First, download and install a good pocket animation PA plug-in. Create a new blank slide, set the background color, insert the required LOGO image, set the image format. Select the “Pocket Animation PA” tab, click “Box Version”, then it will switch to “Professional Version”. Select the LOGO picture, click “Animation Storm”, click “+” in the pop-up window of “Animation List”, select “Custom Animation “; then click “+” in the “Action List”, repeat to add 6 “zoom” action (Figure 1).


Next, select the first “Zoom” behavior, check the “Behavior Timing” tab, set the duration to 0.3 seconds and the delay time to 0 seconds; the other zoom duration and delay time settings are similar (Figure 2). See Table 1 for specific parameters.



Then select the first “Zoom” behavior, select the “Zoom” tab, the starting value of wide zoom 100%, high zoom 100%, the end value of wide zoom 140%, high zoom 60%; similarly, the starting value and end value of other zoom effects are set similarly. In this way, the effect of Q-bomb animation is basically realized (Figure 3).



Finally, in order to make the animation more smooth, you can click in the “Action List” blank, check the “Smooth Start” and “Smooth End” in the “Animation Timing” tab, and then set the required number of times in the “Repeat”.

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