Office hacks: PPT to create a super cool honeycomb chart

As the name implies, a honeycomb picture is a picture similar to a beehive. As we know, the honeycomb of a bee is a very delicate structure, which consists of several square hexagons. This kind of honeycomb diagram is also used in PPT from time to time. It can obviously enhance the design of PPT, and is often used for making covers or multi-picture presentations or mind maps.

SmartArt to make honeycomb diagrams

One of the easiest ways to make honeycomb diagrams in PPT is to use SmartArt graphics, which has an “alternating hexagon” graphic, originally used to represent a series of interrelated ideas, with some modifications, it is a good honeycomb diagram, which is used for the cover, or very artistic.

Open Powerpoint2016, switch to the “Insert” tab, click “SmartArt” pop-up dialog box (Figure 1), select “List” under the “alternate hexagon”, click the “OK” button to insert the graphic.


Select the graphic, switch to the “Design” tab (Figure 2), click the “Right to Left” button to modify the orientation, click “Change Color” to select the built-in color library, and finally in the Finally, you can choose the appearance of the honeycomb diagram in the “SmartArt Style”. Right-click on the graphic and select “Convert to Graphic”, then copy the leftmost graphic, paste it to the right, and shrink it slightly.


Select the middle of the honeycomb figure of the hexagon, right-click and select “Set Graphic Format”, click the left side of the “Fill and Line”, select “Picture or Texture Fill”, and then click the “File” button to insert a picture, and then modify the “transparency”, use this method to add pictures for other graphics, and finally set the background and add text, so that a very artistic sense of the cover is out of the oven (Figure 3).


Converting multiple images to honeycomb

When there are multiple images to be made into a honeycomb chart, it would be quite inefficient to set them one by one. Using the picture layout function, you can quickly convert multiple pictures into honeycomb pictures, which is very convenient when displaying multiple pictures with honeycomb pictures.

Switch to the “Insert” tab, click “Pictures” pop-up dialog box, hold down the Ctrl key, you can select multiple pictures to import at once. Select all the pictures, switch to the “Format” tab, click “Picture Layout” select “Hexagonal Cluster”, the picture will be automatically typeset (Figure 4).


The number of hexagons in the automatically generated honeycomb diagram is twice the number of pictures, you can label the pictures one by one, or delete the unwanted ones. Enter the text of the image in the text box, then set the font size, switch to the “Design” tab, and modify the color of the honeycomb diagram. The hexagon in the honeycomb diagram can be swapped, and the “Format” tab allows you to modify the border and color of the hexagon. Finally, add the background and graphics, and a memetic page is created (Figure 5).


Splitting a single image into a honeycomb image

A picture can also be split into a honeycomb picture to create a jigsaw puzzle effect. We can draw hexagons by hand, combine them and fill them with pictures to get a honeycomb puzzle.

Switch to the “Insert” tab, click “Shape” and select “Hexagon”, then press and hold the Shift key to draw a hexagon, then rotate the hexagon so that One side vertical, press Ctrl + D to copy a number of graphics, and then drag to form a row. Select all the shapes, switch to the “Format” tab, use the “Align” in the “Top Alignment” and “Horizontal Distribution ” to make the hexagons more evenly aligned. Select all the shapes, then hold down the Ctrl key, drag down and align, and release the mouse to copy. Copy several rows in this way so that the honeycomb figure covers almost the entire page (Figure 6).


Ctrl + A full selection of all graphics, and then press Ctrl + G for the combination, right-click the combination of graphics and select “Set Graphics Format”, and then select “Fill” under the right side of the “picture or texture fill “, click “File” to insert a picture to fill the combination of graphics, you will see that the picture has been decomposed to fill the single graphics (Figure 7). If you feel that the position of the picture is not very good, you can modify in the left, right, up, down offset.


Make honeycomb chart animation

Honeycomb diagrams are not only static, we can also make honeycomb animation. For example, fly out the pictures one by one to spell a honeycomb picture, which is a cool animation effect. If the honeycomb animation is for multiple images, just fill the images into the hexagon separately and set the animation separately. But if it is a single image, you need to really split that image into a honeycomb image.

First insert a picture, then use the method described above to draw positive hexagons and arrange them into a honeycomb diagram, paying attention to the spacing between the shapes (Figure 8), and that all the shapes cannot be combined.


First select the picture, and then hold down Shift, drag to select all graphics, switch to the “Format” tab (Figure 9), select “Merge Graphics” under the “Split”, the large image will be split into small images, and finally delete the picture does not need to be part of the picture, at this time will be left with the honeycomb picture.


Select the small pictures by column, switch to “Animation” tab, click “Add Animation” and select “More into Effect” pop-up dialog box, then select the animation effect you need (Figure (Figure 10), and then the start of the animation “set to” after the previous animation “and” duration “modified to” 0.2 “or so, so that all After setting the animation, it will show the effect of dynamic spelling into honeycomb.


This honeycomb animation, you can also use the slide “switch” in the “honeycomb” or “shine” to achieve, but only fleeting, can not be precisely controlled. In addition, if you feel that the homemade honeycomb diagram is not beautiful enough, there are some honeycomb PPT templates online for download (

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