Printing selected worksheets in Microsoft Excel 2019

Select the worksheets to be printed as per the followinginstructions:

  1. Click on the first worksheet tab (in this example, ThemePark).
  2. Hold down the Shift key on the keyboard to select sheetsthat are next to each other, or hold down the Ctrl key on thekeyboard should you wish to select sheets not next to each other(non-adjacent), as illustrated in the followingscreenshot:
ms office 575
  1. Click on the second worksheet tab (in this example, WeatherData).
  2. Notice that the worksheets appear white in color—this indicatessheets selected using the Ctrl key.
  3. Notice on the title bar of the Excel environment that the name ofthe workbook has changed to reflect the text (group) at the end of thefilename.
  4. Remember to ungroup the sheets once you have finished printing them.There are two ways to do this: click on another sheet in the workbook totake the focus off the selected sheets, or right-click on the selectedsheet tabs and choose UngroupSheets.
  1. Click to select File | Print.
  2. Locate the Settings heading, andthen ensure that the first option is set to Print Active Sheets.
  3. Click to choose a printer and modify the printer properties, ifnecessary.
  4. Click on the Print icon to sendthe worksheets to the printer.
  5. If you are unsure that the correct sheets will print, visit theNext Page and Previous Page navigation arrows at thebottom of the Preview area.
  6. Click on the Print icon to sendthe worksheet to the printer.
  7. To print an entire workbook, select Print Entire Workbook from the Print Settings option.

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