Proofing tools in Microsoft Excel 2019

When visiting the Review tab, youwill notice the Proofing group, alongwith other very useful reviewing tools, as can be seen in the followingscreenshot:

ms office 509

Use the Spelling icon tospellcheck an Excel worksheet. You also have access to the Thesaurus, where alternate words to thecurrent word you are using can be searched for and replaced. 

Checking Accessibility is anextremely useful tool as it checks accessibility best practices. Thismeans that it will offer suggestions such as changing a font if it seemsunreadable due to hard-to-read text contrast, as well as a section onthe reason why it should be altered in the workbook, as can be seen inthe following screenshot:

ms office 366

The Smart Lookup feature will opena pane to the right of the worksheet after selecting text on theworksheet—this is more popular when using Microsoft Word 2019 as it willoffer information such as images, definitions, and more from onlinesources. 

The Translate feature will converttext into any other language via the pane to the right of the worksheet.The remainder of the Review tab iconsrefers to commenting, protecting, and inking, which will be visitedlater in this book.

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