Protecting a form in Microsoft Word 2019

Follow these steps to learn how to protect a form:

  1. We will continue to use the form we created in the previoussection.
  2. Make sure the Developer tab isselected.
  3. Click on Restrict Editing underthe Protect group.
  4. Under the 2. Editing restrictionsheading, select the checkbox for Allow onlythis type of editing in the document:.
  5. From the drop-down list, choose Fillingin forms:
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  1. Under Step 3, click on Yes,Start Enforcing Protection.
  2. A dialog box will present itself, asking you to enter a password(this is optional).
  3. Click on OK to complete theprotection process.
  4. If your form was protected correctly, the user should not be able toedit any part of the form except the fields you inserted.
  5. Click on File | Info. The ProtectDocument icon indicates that this document has protectionapplied.
  6. If you need to make changes to the form, you will need tounprotect the form first. Visit the Stop Protection icon at the bottom of theRestrict Editing pane, thenenter the password to unprotect the form and make the formaccessible for editing. Do not forget to protect the form againbefore sharing it with others.

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