Batch Convert PSD to JPG with 8 Industry-Best Tools And Share Images Easily

While high-quality PSD (Photoshop Document) images provide vast editing options, they suffer from two problems. First, they eat a lot of space (even up to 2GB ), making them difficult to share. In addition, you can only open them with Adobe products like Photoshop and Illustrator. On the other hand, most websites and apps support the popular JPG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) format. Also, JPG files are much smaller in size. Hence, many people want to convert their PSD files to JPG ones in bulk.

If you want to batch-convert your PSD files to JPG to save space, share images faster, and allow access from popular software, you can use some of the tools on our list below.

8 Best Tools To Batch Convert PSD to JPG on Windows/Mac

Nomacs – Best Free and Open Source Pick

Get Nomacs from their website here

  • Platform – Windows, macOS
  • Price – Free
  • Why choose it? – Fast and robust performance, completely free and open-source, ideal for batch conversions, rich set of features.

Nomacs is our pick for the best free and open-source PSD to JPG bulk converting software. This application has an active community behind it and checks all the right boxes to make it an ideal conversion tool.

Besides allowing fast batch conversions with reliable performance, Nomacs also lets you enhance and transform the original PSD files. In addition, it provides the rich feature of enabling you to extract images from other file formats such as zip, ppt, and Docx.

With support for Windows and Mac OS, you can use this tool no matter which platform you prefer. Finally, a lovely little caviar is that Nomacs displays image metadata as well – you can see details like size, resolution, capturing device, and timestamps.

How to Use Nomacs for Batch-Converting PSD to JPG

  • Go to the Nomacs website and download the Installer suitable for your system (Windows 32/64-bit or Mac OS).
  • Run the Installer to install Nomacs on your system.
  • Click on the Nomacs Launcher to run the software.
  • Navigate to the Tools tab in the navbar at the top. Click on the Batch Processing option in the list of options there.
  • Use the in-built file manager to Select and Load your Batch of PSD files.
  • You can use the Transform and Adjustments options in the sidebar on the left to make the input PSD files look better.
  • Next, click on the Output tab on the sidebar. Click on Browse and Select your preferred Output Folder.
  • After this, click on the Keep Extension option located a little below. Select Convert To and choose JPG as the format.
  • At this point, click on the Play Icon located on the bottom of the sidebar on the left. This action will start the batch conversion process.
  • Finally, use your system’s file manager (we are using Windows Explorer) to navigate to the output folder you mentioned above.
  • You can see the list of converted JPG files here.
  • You can right-click on one of these and select You will see the File Type as JPG.
  • Use your favorite Image Viewer ( we have used the Windows Photos app) to enjoy the new JPG files!

IrfanView – Best Trusted Tool Pick

Get the tool from the site here

  • Platform – Windows
  • Price – Free for non-commercial use; you can donate if you like the software.
  • Why choose it? – A trusted name in the digital image processing space, the lead developer has been working on this project since 1996; also enjoy good performance and a wide array of features.

Everyone involved with digital images has heard of IrfanView. For over two decades, the project has been around with its lead developer, Irfan, pursuing it with labor of love-type zeal.

IrfanView lets you convert PSD to JPGs in batches and enhance the original PSD files as well. Additional features include the ability to weave images into slideshows and capture screenshots. A unique feature of IrfanView is the software’s ability to extract text from images. Finally, its conversion algorithm is one of the best in the industry. You can expect your converted JPG images to be of high quality with minimum loss during compression.

How to use IrfanView for Batch-Converting PSD to JPG

  • Visit the IrfanView site and choose the version suitable for your machine (Windows 32/64-bit) from the Download option on the navbar.
  • Run the downloaded file to Install Irfanview
  • Launch IrfanView by clicking on the executable file (or its shortcut in the Start Menu)
  • Click on File and select Batch Conversion/Rename from the drop-down menu
  • Use the Add button on the right panel to load the batch of PSD files
  • In the left panel, select JPEG-JPG under Output Format, and browse to your preferred folder under the Output Folder for result files
  • Click on Options to open the Options dialog box. Make the changes you want for your output JPG files.
  • Click on Start Batch on the bottom in the left panel to start the conversion.
  • The software will notify when the process finishes with a message.
  • Navigate to your preferred Output Folder. You can see your new JPG images here.
  • Open any of the flies to enjoy a high-quality JPG image.

XnConvert – Best Dedicated Batch-Converter Pick

Get it from the site here

  • Platform – Windows/ Mac OS
  • Price – Free for private use, Businesses can buy a single-user license for 00€ and in bulk at 6.50€ per user.
  • Why choose it? – Designed with batch conversion as the primary goal, a rich batch rename feature, lets you see previews before confirming changes, allows you to control system performance by choosing how many CPU cores to use for the conversion process.

XnConvert is an excellent free tool designed especially for batch-processing images. It has one of the best batch-renaming functionalities we have seen. A unique aspect is that you can control how many CPU cores to dedicate to this tool when it processes images in bulk. You can allot fewer cores for smaller batches to optimize performance!

Finally, XnConvert is versatile, being available on both Windows and Mac. Also, its free distribution makes it ideal for home users or others on a budget.

How to use XnConvert for Batch-Converting PSD to JPG

  • Visit the XnConvert and head over to the Downloads and Purchase tab at the top.
  • Download the setup suitable for your machine.
  • Install XnConvert by running the downloaded file.
  • Launch XnConvert to arrive at the software’s home screen.
  • Click on Add Files on the lower-left side to load your batch of PSD images.
  • Select the images and next click on the Actions tab at the top.
  • Click on Add Action to add any new enhancements to your image you need.
  • Next, click on the Output tab to the right of the Actions tab.
  • Choose JPG in the drop-down menu under the Format option on the right.
  • Select the preferred output folder in the Folder
  • Select a format for naming the output files in your batch in the Filename
  • Click on Convert in the lower right corner to start the batch process.
  • You can see your newly converted JPG files by navigating to the output folder in Windows Explorer.
  • Click on one of these files to enjoy them in JPG format.

File Converter – Best Ease-of-Use Pick

Get File Converter here

  • Platform: Integrates with Windows Explorer
  • Price: Free
  • Why choose it? – Convert files by selecting an option after right-clicking on them, a batch-rename feature is provided, easy to use for quick conversions.

File Converter is a fantastic open-source and free tool to convert PSD into JPG in batches. It provides a different user experience from the ones provided by other tools on our list by integrating with Windows Explorer. So, you can simply right-click on a file’s name and choose the “convert to JPG” option from the context menu.

Hence, it is a convenient tool to use. Users will love it for this ease of operation while still getting high-quality JPG images as the output. Finally, you can change the output properties like quality and scale in the File Converter Settings app that comes with the default download.

How to use File Converter for Batch-Converting PSD to JPG

  • Visit the File Converter site and download the tool suitable for your platform.
  • Run the File Converter Setup Wizard to install the software.
  • Open the File Converter Settings app that installs by default when you run the Installer in the step above.
  • Select Images in the Input Formats and JPG in the Output Format. Save and exit out from this app.
  • Navigate to your favorite PSD file in Windows Explorer. Right-click on it to show the context menu.
  • Hover over the File Converter You will see another list of options. Select To JPG image here.
  • You will find your new JPG image in the same folder. You can now freely share it with your friends!

Converseen – Best Minimal-Simple Pick

You can download this tool from its website by clicking on this link.

  • Platform: Windows
  • Price: Free
  • Why choose it? – Simple, straightforward tool with no additional bells and whistles, decluttered UI, and minimal features make it very easy to use, convert your files fast without any distractions.

Converseen is an image converting app designed in a minimalist style. There is no steep learning curve involved. Hence, anyone can easily convert their files using its intuitive interface and focused functionality.

The only additional feature Converseen provides is the ability to set a few image properties. Other than that, it’s purely a lean and dedicated image converter.

How to use Converseen for Batch-Converting PSD to JPG

  • Go to their website and click on the Download option on the top.
  • Select the Download suitable for your platform.
  • Install Converseen on your system by running the downloaded file.
  • Open the app. You can see the simple and decluttered interface.
  • Use the Add Images button to load up your PSD files.
  • Choose JPG as the format in the Convert to box at the bottom of the screen.
  • Click on the Convert Doing so will start the conversion process.
  • You can now see the new JPG files in Windows Explorer.
  • Click on an image to view it and share it freely all over the internet now!

Pixillion Image Converter – Best Paid Tool Pick

Download it from their website here.

  • Platform: Windows/ mac OS
  • Price: Free for non-commercial use, $19.99 – Premium Edition, $12.99 – Standard Edition
  • Why choose it? – An excellent paid image converting tool, a wide range of custom output options, resize, rotate, and flip features provided; you can also add watermarks to protect your images from unauthorized shares.

Pixillion Image Converter is an excellent choice for converting PSD to JPG images in bulk. It is a paid software, and you can expect extensive documentation and customer support. Also, as a paid tool, they provide a neat finished product to let you start with it quickly. However, the flip side is that you can’t hack their codebase to make exciting tweaks.

Pixillion features a robust batch-conversion functionality. Additionally, there are plenty of options for customizing output properties. For professionals or those ready to pay for it, Pixillion is a great alternative to Photoshop for viewing and converting PSD files.

How to use Pixillion for Batch-Converting PSD to JPG

  • Head over to their website. Choose the version of the software as per your OS and choice (paid or free).
  • Install Pixillion by running the Installer.
  • Launch the application. You can immediately see the polished and rich UI, reflecting the paid nature of the tool.
  • Use the Add Files option to enter the batch of PSD files you need to convert.
  • Make the proper output settings in the Output Folder and Output Format boxes provided at the bottom of the screen. Start the process.
  • You can see the converted JPG files in the output location provided by you.
  • You can now view the JPG images and store them with much less space used.

Zamzar – Best Online-Tool Pick

Use Zamzar by using their online web app here.

  • Platform: An entirely online web-based application
  • Price: They have a free plan. You can also buy one of their paid plans
  • Why choose it? – Convert PSD to JPG on the go with a 100% web-based tool, no need to download any files on your local machine, good output quality, and a decent set of features.

For those looking for an entirely online solution to convert their PSD files into JPG, Zamzar is a fantastic option.

You can use it to convert images in a truly “Anytime, Anywhere” manner. Further, you are not even restricted in the choice of your device. Access Zamzar either on mobile or laptop!

Free customers can convert two files a day, but their paid plans are also reasonably priced. You can buy the Basic plan and still get a decent number of image conversions every day.

How to use Zamzar for Batch-Converting PSD to JPG

  • Go to their web app and click on Add Files.
  • Add your PSD files.
  • Next, click on the Convert To Choose JPG as the output format here.
  • Finally, click on the Convert Now option to start the process.
  • Once the conversion completes, you can see the list of JPG files available for download.
  • Download these files and enjoy JPG versions of your old PSD images.

FastStone Image Viewer – Best Overall Pick

Click here to download FastStone Image Viewer

  • Platform: Windows
  • Price: Free for Home Users and Educational Purposes, License needed for Commercial Use
  • Why choose it? – An overall friendly application that ticks all the right boxes in every aspect; expect good performance, a broad set of features, and high-quality conversion

Finally, we end our list with the Best Overall Pick, FastStone Image Viewer. This tool meets all the usual requirements you want in good image conversion software.

It provides good quality output images and reliable performance at reasonable prices. We recommend this for both personal and business use.

How to use FastStone Image Viewer for Batch-Converting PSD to JPG

  • Go to the FastStone website and download FastStone Image Viewer.
  • Run the Setup Wizard to install the software.
  • Choose Tools at the top, and then click on Batch Convert Selected Images.
  • Add the images, and select Output Folder.
  • Provide the naming scheme for your JPG files in the Rename
  • Finally, click on Convert to initiate the process.
  • You can see the new JPG images in the output folder.
  • View, store, and share these freely!


PSD format is excellent for editing high-quality images. However, due to their large size and their close-ended nature (you need only Adobe tools to use them), these files are not the preferred format for sharing and using on the web. For these purposes, JPG is the best choice. You should use one of the software on our list above to convert PSD files into JPG images to enjoy sharing and storing them efficiently!

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