Querying data in Microsoft Access 2019

Queries retrieve information based on certain criteria from one ormore tables. It then displays the result in the requested order. Forexample, if you want to see a list of customers who live inSonnekeliter, you would create a query to display only the customernames whose city is equal to Sonnekeliter. If you weredealing with a database relating to a school environment, you might wantto set up a query to filter children within a particular form/class:

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The preceding screenshot displays the Query interface. TheQuery named Prior30June04 filters all the first names andsurnames of the students who have paid fee accounts less than or equalto a particular date. There are two ways to create Queries, the first byusing the Query Wizard and the second through the Query Designview.

The two tables used in the query are ElkPupilTbl andFeeAccountsTbl, showing that the relationship between the twotables is a one-to-many relationship. As the fields are related by Code, we are able to query fields from bothtables to produce a result. We are also able to perform calculationsusing a query. Query results from more than one table are possible onlyif the tables are related.

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