Software recommendation: quickly identify unknown English fonts

Although the number of English letters is small, there are many different fonts used to represent them. Therefore, when we see a beautiful English font, we may not be able to tell which font is used at once. At this time, you can use special font recognition software, font recognition network services, and even special browser bookmark button to complete the identification of unknown English fonts.

1. Use special tools to identify

First of all, we can use a Find my Font software to identify English fonts.

After launching Find my Font, a 4-frame main interface will appear and a 4-step wizard will pop up. Press the first button on the left toolbar to load an image containing the target font, or use the second button to grab an image containing the target font. Next, select characters from the image for recognition, the selected characters appear in the lower left pane; then enter the characters you just selected in the text box in step 2 of the wizard. By clicking the Match Fonts button in the middle of the right pane, the software automatically recognizes the font and displays similar results in the upper right pane (Figure 1).


Tip: Select a recognition result and a font preview will appear in the lower right pane. If you need to customize the content preview, please enter the display content in the text box on the lower right pane.

2. Recognition through online service of network

If you find it troublesome to install the software, you can also use the MyFonts online service for recognition directly.

Open the recognition service website in your web browser, click on the “Select File” button to upload an image file containing the target word, and then click on the Continue button (Figure 2).


Next, according to the result of the automatic recognition, enter the corresponding correct character in the box (Figure 3).


After clicking the Continue button, the remote server will automatically give the recognition result (Figure 4).


3. Identify with specific browser bookmarks

In addition to online recognition, you can also use browser bookmark specific buttons to recognize English fonts. This is a simpler and more convenient usage.


First visit and drag the FOUNT button on the page to the bookmark bar of your browser (Figure 5). The recognition icon appears in the bookmark bar. To visit the web page containing the target font, select the text to be recognized after pressing the FOUNT button on the bookmark bar of the browser, and the result of recognizing the font will appear in the recognition box in the upper right corner of the browser.


Firelink: If you want to recognize Chinese fonts, please refer to the article “Choose the best from the best Identify fonts in pictures” for the method.

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