10 Best RAR Password Unlockers

RAR is a type of file format that can archive, compress or encrypt files. Using RAR, you can compress hundreds of files in one place, saving storage space on your computing device. RAR files have the extension .rar. If you have security concerns, RAR comes in handy.

You can quickly encrypt your files and protect them with a password. But, a lost or forgotten password can be an excruciating experience. It can lead to the loss of vital documents and hundreds of photos full of priceless memories. Once locked with a password, a RAR file is impenetrable without specialized software known as a RAR password unlocker.

Want to learn how to unlock a WinRAR password? Below is a breakdown of 10 of the best RAR password unlockers that we found after extensive research.

1. PassFab for RAR

Let’s start with the best tool that we found. PassFab for RAR is just one of the password recovery tools in the developer’s portfolio of password tools. It is a highly capable RAR password unlocker with a raft of features.


  • Password cracking options: The tool uses three possible attack modes to recover your password, Brute force attack, brute force with mask, or Dictionary attack.
  • Speed: The tool uses the graphical processing unit (GPU) to boost the decryption process.
  • Technology: PassFab RAR password unlocker uses advanced SSE technology and complex search algorithms to accelerate the password recovery process.
  • Ease of use: PassFab unlocks RAR password locked documents in three easy steps. Import the archive file into the application, select the attack mode, and click Start to unlock your RAR password.

Pricing starts at $15.95 for a one-month for one PC that auto-renews monthly.


  • The tool comes with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.
  • Free customer support is available with all license options.
  • You get free lifetime updates
  • You can recover passwords from an unlimited number of RAR files.

This tool has no disadvantages that we could identify.

2. Passware Kit

Passware claims to be the preferred RAR password unlocker tool for law enforcement, with a 70% success rate. In addition to unlocking RAR files, it also retrieves passwords for your email accounts, Windows administrator accounts, MS Office, and Portable Document Format Files (PDF).


This tool has five editions that have different functionalities depending on your pricing plan. They are:

  • Passware Kit Basic
  • Passware Kit Standard
  • Passware Kit Standard Plus
  • Passware Kit Standard Business
  • Passware Kit Standard Forensic

Pricing starts at $49 for the basic plan and $1,095 for the forensic plan.



  • The standard plan comes with password recovery options for 80 of the most popular applications.
  • It has extra features as password recovery for MS Office suite files and database decryption, which goes beyond RAR password recovery.
  • It works with over 280 different file types making it a versatile WinRAR password unlocker.


While it is a highly advanced RAR file unlocker, many of the best features are only available with the Standard version and higher.

3. Password Unlocker Studio

Password Unlocker Studio has been around since 2006. This WinRAR password unlocker is a powerful tool when you have forgotten your password.


The main features are as follows:

  • Password cracking options: It comes with three options to recover the password; Dictionary attack, Brute force attack, and Brute force attack with mask.
  • AutoSave Recovery State: This is an autosave recovery state which enables you to continue with the process where you left it. It is a convenient feature that ensures you don’t lose any data.
  • Unlimited Trial Period: You can enjoy some of the app’s limited features on a trial period.
  • Look for encrypted files: You can search for encrypted files on your computer easily. You may narrow your search to a folder or two or widen it to cover the entire hard disk.
  • Fast Speed: You can recover your lost WinRAR password faster by cutting-edge Streaming SIMD Extensions (SSE) technology and the latest search algorithm.

The paid version of the tool costs $19.95.



  • There is free customer support in case you encounter technical issues.
  • You can return the product within 30 days of purchase and get a full refund if you are disappointed in it.
  • There is a trial version, which is for an unlimited period.


  • While the trial version is unlimited, it can only crack three characters of a password.
  • The trial version can only check 10,000 combinations of a pre-arranged listing as a possible password.

4. KRyLack Archive Password Recovery

This is an advanced RAR password unlocker that’s user friendly and comes packed with a host of features.


  • User interface: Krylack has one of the most user-friendly dashboards that’s clean and intuitive.
  • Supported formats: Archives supported include; all RAR versions including v3.0 and v4.0, encrypted filenames, multi-volume RAR, ZIP, self-extracting archives, and archives created by many other software packages.
  • Customization: Several customization options include password length, character set, mask character, and many other options.
  • Password cracking options: The options include brute force, brute force with mask, and dictionary-based attack.
  • Autosave and resume: The tool automatically saves the progress and can pick up from where it left off after being stopped, crashing, or an unexpected power failure.
  • Auto-updates: The tool automatically downloads the most recent version of itself and performs an update.

Krylack is priced at $29.95 and comes with free email support.



  • It is user-friendly. All the settings are laid out in the center of the screen for quick access.
  • Because the program allows you to choose specific character sets, the password recovery is pretty quick.


  • The tool does not come with a trial option.

5. Intelore RAR Password Recovery

This is a powerful win RAR password unlocker. It supports several attack methods and has several powerful features.


  • High speed: Interlore has a high work rate. With up to 22,000 passwords per second, it is one of the fastest in the industry.
  • Large dictionary: This tool has a large dictionary of words from which to scan possible matches.
  • Small size: At only 0.7Mb, this RAR password unlocker is small to download but packed with power.
  • Supported formats: All RAR and WinRAR archive versions are supported.
  • Password cracking options: The tool uses a combination of Dictionary attacks, Brute-Force, and Booost-Up.

The full-feature version of this tool will set you back $29.95.


  • Due to its Booost-up feature, the tool can search and recover passwords very fast.
  • It has a user-friendly interface.
  • It can work in the background and has an autosave feature to save scan progress.


  • The full-feature version does not come with a trial period.

6. Appnimi RAR Password Unlocker

This WinRAR password unlocker is designed to recover the most secure and encrypted WinRAR documents. It comes in three versions, basic, professional, and enterprise.


  • Password cracking options: The tool can use the Brute Force or Dictionary method of attack.
  • Detailed statistics: It comes with detailed statistics to show the password recovery progress. Some of the stats a user can see include; time elapsed, words tried per second, words processed, remaining time, and words remaining.
  • Pause and resume: The password recovery process can be paused and continued at any time.
  • Auto-recovery: In a machine restart, the tool will save the progress and start where it left off before the shutdown.

The Basic version is priced at $19.99 for a single user license, while the Professional and Enterprise versions cost $29.99 and $49.99, respectively.


  • The tool comes with detailed stats to show you the progress.
  • The application can pause and resume the recovery process.


  • The Brute force with mask attack method is not available.

7. Crack

Crack is a free command-line RAR file unlocker.


  • Version support: It supports all RAR versions, including RAR 5.x.
  • Speed: It is hailed as one of the fastest RAR password unlockers on the market.
  • Artificial intelligence: Its advanced AI algorithms are highly efficient when the user can remember just a small portion of the password.


  • In addition to the Windows command-line, the tool is also compatible with Mac and Linux operating systems.
  • It is completely free to use.


  • It has no graphical user interface (GUI) and is only available using the command-line, making it a difficult solution for non-techies. However, a third-party GUI tool is available.
  • It can’t recover passwords that are more than 28 symbols.
  • It doesn’t come with multi-core support; only one GPU or CPU can be used at a time.

8. LostMyPass

The next three RAR password lockers are available online. To use LostMyPass, you visit the website, complete the ReCaptcha test, and upload the locked file.


  • Free check: The free scan tries weak passwords and takes only a few minutes to complete.
  • Nuclear option: If the free scan doesn’t work, you can go for the paid option, which searches a database of over 20 billion passwords and takes about 24 hours to complete.

Pricing for the paid version starts at $39 for every successful recovery.



  • There is a free option, and you only pay for a successful recovery with the paid option.
  • You don’t need to download and install any software.


  • The free option is only successful in about 22% of cases, while the paid option is only successful in 61% of cases.
  • You have to pay each time you upload a different file, which makes the tool very expensive.
  • File uploads are limited to 100Mb.

9. RAR Password Recovery Online

This online RAR password unlocker is easy to use. You upload your document and enter your email address to receive notifications when the process is complete. After you activate a link in your email, the recovery process begins.


  • Document formats: In addition to RAR, you can upload many other types of document formats such as .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, pdf, ppt, zip, etc.
  • Pay only for results: When the password is recovered, the tool provides you with proof in the form of a picture from your document.
  • Progress window: After confirming your email address, you are redirected to a window to view the progress.

Pricing starts at 10 Euros for each successful recovery.


  • You only pay for a successful recovery.
  • You don’t need to download any software.


  • At 10 Euros for every successful recovery, this is one of the most expensive online RAR password unlockers.
  • File uploads are limited to 500Mb though you have the option to provide a link to the file.

10. Crackzipraronline

This is an online RAR password unlocker service provide by Falco Software, a SaaS developer.


  • Documents formats: You can unlock RAR files, PDFs, and MS Office files.
  • Ease of use: The process is simple. All you do is upload the document through a form on the home page, enter your email address, accept the user agreement, and click the Submit button. This redirects you to a page that provides you with a task ID.
  • Progress page: There is a special page to check the status; enter the task ID to see the progress.

Pricing starts at $9.95 for each successful recovery.


  • There is no software to download.
  • You only pay for a successful recovery.


  • At $9.95 for each recovered password, the tool is very expensive.

The Bottom Line

RAR is a highly sophisticated technology used by many companies to secure documents when sharing them via email, collaboration tools, or physically in storage media. When you forget or lose a RAR password, your job or business prospects could be on the line. The only way to get out of such a jam is to use a professional RAR password unlocker. Although online methods seem easy to use, they are quite expensive and not as effective as tools like PassFab for RAR. We hope this article has taught you how to unlock a RAR password.

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