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If you are new to photography and have recently tried your hands on your digital camera, you must go through this article. Raw photographs have excellent quality, finest details, white balance and high level of brightness. As the raw file are high in quality, they are very large in size i.e. almost 2-3 times lager than the jpeg file, so it becomes impossible to edit and share the image. Therefore, we need to change the format of the image. In order to export images, we need to process them to jpeg format.

These files need more storage space which in turn reduces the speed of the processor. Hence reducing the work speed and longer back up time. Also the camera gets buffered up which in turn brings down its frame rate. Raw files are not standardized and most of the software cannot read them. So these images should be converted to jpeg file for further editing. Sharing of a raw image is not possible, as the person on the other side might lack the proper tools to view raw images

Here is a complete guide to quick and easy steps for converting raw pictures to jpegs on your Mac device. These steps will make your processing very convenient and fast.

Lets throw some light on the conversion process


 Preview is a free feature on Mac OS for editing images as well as pdf files. It comes with an additional option of exporting raw images of multiple formats. The Preview feature is getting better with each Mac OS release. This app allows you to export images into any format that you want, including Gif, Microsoft icon, pdf, Photoshop, png,jpeg,jpeg-2000 and many more. The only disadvantage associated with Preview is that it does not allow mass conversion of the images, also the output option is not that great

Steps to Convert Raw Image to Jpeg in Preview

  • Open the selected raw image in the preview section.
  • Go to the program, open the file menu
  • Choose scripts and image processors, go to the raw image folder
  • Choose the location and the quality and then size of the picture and

press run.

  • Assign the folder, where you want to move the images and click “Save” button


Batch conversion on the other hand is a speedy process, though the speed varies depending on the size of the image, number of images chosen, format selected and the speed of your Mac. It is a built-in app that allows image editing in fractions of a second. Batch Converter enables mass conversion of images. You can convert photos in any format, as per your choice

 # Batch Photo Pro

  • Install Batch Photo Pro on your mac, and open it
  • Select raw images for conversion
  • Click edit photos and customize (depth and quality) as per your choice.
  • Press set up and choose output as jpeg
  • Select OK and export the image to the desired folder

If you are looking for a free conversion of raw to jpeg, you should be sure about the format of the Raw image you want to convert it to. Two free raw to jpeg converters on Mac are as discussed below:

# Online Converter

It is one of the most efficient converters. It supports multiple image formats and gives you an option of customizing the image. You can resize the image, change it’s quality, adjust the tones, crop the image and adjust the pixels. This converter has an outstanding feature of importing from Mac, Google Drive as well as Dropbox.

  • Go to the web browser and click on Online Convert
  • Press “File” button and upload the selected raw files
  • Adjust the length and the width of the image as per your requirement
  • Select the images, you want to convert
  • Press “Start Conversion” to make the changes
  • Save the images in the desired folder


No doubt, online converter is free, but the major disadvantage is that, you end up losing the image quality during the conversion process. Also, you are at a risk of information leakage as it is not safe to upload files to the 3rd party server. Not only this, you would need a strong internet connection for the conversion to take place effectively


 # Zamzar

 Zamzar works online, hence does not require any installation. For frequent and successful conversions, you should use Zamzar Converter. It is a very simple and efficient online converter. You can convert all sought of images, audios, videos, documents as well as eBooks. It comes with an outstanding feature of supporting raw images of all formats including arw, crw, dcr, erf and many more. It is one of the safest ways of image conversion.

Steps to convert Raw Image to Jpeg in Zamzar

  • Go to
  • Press “Add Files” and select the images you want to convert.
  • It limits to only two image conversion per session
  • You can choose among 150 output formats
  • Select the output as JPEG
  • Press Start Conversion to make the changes without any additional cost
  • You can also share the converted files via email, in a very short time span


For  converting images to multiple  formats, Pixillion Image Converter is the best choice. It enables you to choose more than 50 image formats. You can export images in different output formats, in a singe batch. It comes with a few basic picture editing features. Pixiliion Image Converter has multiple advantages such as batch converting images, changing the size, adding watermark, and rotating images.

  • Install Pixillion Image Converter and open it
  • Press “Add Files” button, select the raw files that you want to convert or the folder you want to convert
  • Drag and drop them into the program
  • Choose the destination
  • Press the “Output Format” button
  • Select the format to JPEG
  • Click convert, the image will be converted in a couple of seconds

Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom

If you have Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom installed on your Mac device then you can follow the below mentioned steps for raw to jpeg conversion


  • Select the pic and open with photoshop
  • Press the “File” button and save as image
  • Select output as jpeg by clicking the output menu
  • Save the file
  • Choose quality resolution, tones, width and height of the image as per your requirement
  • Photoshop automatically creates a folder, so you don’t need to create a new folder while converting raw images to Jpeg,
  • Resize the image, as required and press “Run” button
  • Click OK to save the jpeg image

Adobe Lightroom

       Adobe Lightroom is one of the best converters available.  If you have Adobe Lightroom installed the follow these instructions:

  • Click the selected image and open it with Lightroom.
  • Press the “Develop” icon and change the tone, contrast if needed
  • Press “File” and then choose “Export”
  • Go to the File and in the drop down you can choose the format as Jpeg
  • Customize the image and choose the destination.
  • Press “Export” and the raw images are converted to Jpeg


 Batch convert is the easiest and the fastest way to convert raw pictures to jpeg format. It is a built-in program which does not require any external software. It has the feature of resizing and adjusting the quality of image, in a very short time. Batch converting a raw image is done to produce high quality conversion. For this conversion, you would need to have a desktop converter. You can choose among the 2 options to convert the image. The lightweight version results in simple conversion and the second feature provides multiple extended features. In order to customize and easily modify the raw images batch support is an ultimate tool. It helps you in adjusting saturation, white balance, tones, adding watermarks, resizing, adjusting, cropping and offers many more features. You can now customize bulk pictures in fractions of a second, preserving the picture quality.

 A Digital camera enables you to save the picture as a raw+jpeg file. This format attaches jpeg file with the unmodified sensor information resulting in a raw file known as quasi- standardized format. The major advantage of this format is that it helps in fast and easy preview of the file. The latest software supports reading as well as importing the latest raw formats, so conversion is no longer a problem.

When the image conversion process is over, you might as well be searching a way out to separate raw and jpeg filed then follow the simple procedure as instructed below :

  • Select the images, you want to split
  • Press the “File” icon,
  • Go to “Export” pop up and then click “Export Unmodified” button
  • Choose the location
  • Save the file

    If you want to use, raw image as original on your mac.

  • Go to the Photos app on your Mac
  • Double click the selected photo
  • Navigate to the toolbar and click “Edit”
  • Select the image and click use Raw as original

Now you are free from the hassles of downloading additional software for changing the raw image format to jpeg on your Mac. You are just a step away from customizing your images as per your need by adjusting the quality, tone and highlight. Edit raw photos on this software, without compromising on the image quality. Whether you are looking for single file conversion or bulk conversions, these solutions will fix your problem instantly.

The above discussed steps will shrink heavy library full of large raw format images, in an organized way. Try these quick and easy batch support conversion of raw format images to jpeg format and say goodbye to editing and sharing problems. You can now easily send them across your friends, family or clients via email. Enjoy clicking and capturing beautiful chapters of life!

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