What is the best HDR software for real estate photography 2021?


The HDR software is an acronym for high dynamic imaging range. The meaning of the dynamic range is a range of between highlights to shadows. HDR software is the best tool for enhancing and revealing all details which make the property beautiful. It is not important to make images look good but it also captures every detail of the building photographed to prospective clients.HDR software is mostly used to keep a balance of exterior views with interior spaces. It is a great technique in working on exterior architectural photography and real estate interior photography. Many real estate photographers can take help from HDR photography. It is a great way to create a vibrant and punchy image that has the necessary details. The HDR real estate photography has a well-exposed subject without permission as a background sky.

Factors to consider:

Today mostly agents and clients are searching the images that showcase a large dynamic range. As a result, your image needs to include both a natural-looking exterior with a well-lit interior. In this way, the HDR real estate photography is entered and you will handle the HDR software from there. Here are some factors that are considered.

Editing capability.

If you have a good camera then you can get good images. It is necessary to edit tools in your HDR software to make them stand out and appeal to your real estate clients. There are some important car abilities to look out for in your real estate HDR software.

  • HDR Toning: It is a common feature with photoshop. It is used in making dull pop photos.
  • HDR Denoise: The use of this feature is to remove unnecessary details or noise from the picture.
  • Lut Mapping: LUT contains a look-up table. This system is used to map one color to another.

Easy to use.

Most software has a complicated interface which makes it difficult to edit real estate pictures. You must get easy software for use. Adobe Lightroom has a free workspace that permits you to give focus on the picture. In this way, you can easily access your gallery images. It has a drop-down menu on the right-hand panel with the help you can easily adjust the photo during the editing.

Capability files and video formats.

Every HDR software has its file formats.  For example, Adobe Photoshop uses the PSD extension. Here a big format is available that is used in lightroom and Adobe photoshop.

Cross-platform compatibility.

You can do work on your computer with the different operating systems as a real estate photographer. For example, you can use Windows, macOS, and Linux. Good HDR software should be attached to all computing platforms. When you change the picture into the file formats, you can easily see these images with their client on a phone or computer. If you use only one platform on your device, you never understand when you will change your device. When you do that, you need to buy another HDR software.

Seven best HDR software for real estate photography 2021?

1. Photomatix Pro 6.


Are you looking for the best HDR software for real estate photography? If yes, welcome to this software. The release of the Photomatix Pro 6 features in 2017 upgraded the old photometric software. The new upgrades are included like exposure blending, edge-aware brushes, tone balancer, perspective correction tools, and distortion. You can easily adjust the saturation, hue, and brightness of the individual colors. Photomatix Pro 6 is coming with the HDR rendering ways. It permits you to achieve and customize the photo outlook.

Features of the Photomatix Pro 6:

  • Photomatix Pro 6 works like standalone software.
  • It can integrate with other software like Adobe Lightroom.
  • If you want to work on the exposure bracket and HDR photo then it is the best processing solution.

Advantages of the Photomatix Pro 6.

  • It is a user-friendly interface.
  • Photomatix had advanced tools for ghost removal.
  • It gives real results.

Disadvantages of the Photomatix Pro 6.

  • It has limited photo editing tools.
  • It has a few presets.

2. Adobe Photoshop.


Are you looking for the best HDR software for real estate photography? If yes, welcome to this software. Today Adobe photoshop is one of the best editors.  It allows you the freedom to tweak different aspects of the picture. Adobe Photoshop also permits the users to merge the different exposure brackets into a single HDR image. It is the best platform for that user who wants to enhance and manipulate the existing picture lens correction tools, colors, and levels. When we discuss the packings and subscriptions, you can look at Adobe photoshop in different options.

 Features of the Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe Photoshop comes with different features and tools.
  • This software has everything that you need to change, enhance and edit any aspect of your real estate photo.
  •  In this software, you can easily work in layers, adjusting the photos, and cropping out objects.

Advantages of the Adobe Photoshop

  • It is easy for the general user’s interface.
  • Adobe Photoshop has an expansive cloud storage space.
  • It covers many tutorials.

 Disadvantages of the Adobe Photoshop

  • It is not easy to learn.
  • The HDR tool is difficult to handle.

3. Adobe Lightroom.


Are you looking for the best HDR software for real estate photography? If yes, welcome to this software. Adobe Lightroom is a favourite software among professional photographers. This software comes with all the image editing tools that are available with other software. Adobe lightroom comes with nifty features that allow you to convert their raw camera files into PNG and JPG. The latest version of the lightroom is coming now with the panorama as the HDR software has merging capabilities.

 Features of the Adobe lightroom

  • Adobe Lightroom is helping during the creation of HDR pictures.
  • It is affordable in pricing with the range of the tools.
  • It customizes your image in the way you want.

Advantages of the Adobe lightroom

  • It is a simple and user-friendly interface.
  •  It has panorama and HDR merging capabilities.
  • This software automatically recognizes your works in cloud storage.

The disadvantage of the Adobe lightroom

  • It is a limited sharing software.
  • This software does not allow printing.

4. Aurora HDR


Are you looking for the best HDR software for real estate photography? If yes, welcome to this software. Aurora HDR comes with all sorts of tools that are specially designed for HDR editing. It appeals to many shooters.

 Features of the Aurora HDR

  • The LUT mapping features are added to the new version of this software.
  • It gives your image a movie-inspired feel.
  • It has the capability of smoothing and softening to avoid the over-processed result.

 Advantages of the Aurora HDR

  • It has HDR filters.
  • It has the quality of toning and color correction.
  • Aurora software can be used as a full-featured app.

The disadvantage of the Aurora HDR

  • It has a lack of lens correction profile.
  • The retouching system of this software is poorly developed.

5.  PickMonky


Are you looking for the best HDR software for real estate photography? If yes, welcome to this software. PicMonkey software is the most popular online photo editing real estate photography service. It is mostly accessible from browsers. From this, you can easily take advantage of this platform to use their tablet, laptop, or pc.

 Features of the PicMonkey

  • This software contains several built-in effects.
  • It provides the desired result quickly
  • It has rich format support.

Advantage of the PicMonkey

  • It is a photo transferring software.
  • It has a user-oriented interface.
  • It is a collection of creative filters.

The disadvantage of the PicMonkey

  • It is not available as a real estate photo app.
  • Its image size is limited.

6. Photolemur


Are you looking for the best HDR software for real estate photography? If yes, welcome to this software. Photolemur software is only designed for property photographers and busy agents to cope with photo editing in an efficient time. It has handy touch-up instruments and cool filters.

 Features of the Photolemur

  • The main feature of this real estate photography software is batch editing mode.
  • It speeds up the routine task.
  • It has many filters that help you to devote some time to examine.

 Advantage of the Photolumer

  •  This software permits working with many image types.
  • It has an easy and user-friendly interface.
  • It has many tools and filters.

 The disadvantages of the Photolumer

  • It has no detailed correction.
  •  It has lacked photo organization tools.

7.GIMP Software


Are you looking for the best HDR software for real estate photography? If yes, welcome to this software. GIMP is software that editing the bitmap image simply and quickly. The weakness. of this software is only its disorganized UI system. But the users can easily make it in their needs.   It is compatible with different apps like Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Features of the GIMP Software

  • It is an open-source image editor.
  • This software is available free of charge.
  • It has a customized UI system.

 Advantage of the GIMP Software

  • It supports a lot of editable formats.
  • It has lightweight and multiplatform software.
  • It has wonderful image editing tools.

The disadvantage of the GIMP Software

  • It has a bit of a disorganized UI.
  • Some features of this software may be confusing.


 If you want to become at the top of the industry then getting the HDR software of real estate photography is essential.  It is a thing which you must look at before buying. We hope that this software will help you in finding the best software for your specific real estate needs.

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