Ways to Rearrange PDF Pages on Mac or Windows: Online or Offline


Are you looking for the best ways to rearrange pdf pages on Mac or windows online or offline? Whereas some pdf readers won’t allow you to reorder pdf pages but with the right tool, rearranging the pages is fast and easy.

After creating a pdf file, you’ll need to rearrange the pages in a sequence that makes the information understandable to the reader. Whereas there are a few tools available online for free, you may be prompted to subscribe to a paid option to unlock more pdf editing features.

We are more often made to rely on the most common offline pdf readers like the Chrome pdf viewer and Adobe Reader. It’s until you create a pdf document that you realize you not only need to read the pages but also rearrange. 

There are different ways to rearrange pdf pages on Mac or Windows. And while they all entail the use of a pdf editing tool, the processes differ from one tool to another. Whether you have to download the tool to change the sequence of the pdf pages or rearrange them online, is a choice you have to make.

Here are the simplest ways to rearrange pdf pages;

Let’s now start,

All the ways above utilize the drag and drop process to organize the pdf pages in an orderly sequence. And since these ways require you to use a pdf editing tool, you’ll have to either download to use it offline or get connected to use it online.

Besides the drag and drop process, you can also move pdf pages from another pdf file and insert them using other pdf editing tools.

Way 1: Use MacOS Preview to rearrange pdf pages offline


This is probably the only free tool available offline that you can use to rearrange pdf pages. To use it, the device in your hands has to be a mac. The only disadvantage with MacOS Preview is you cannot edit texts on the pages but you can highlight any section of the texts.

With MacOS Preview, you can open different file formats like PDF and JPG and edit them without the help of any other tool. The Preview feature in MacOS is mainly used to add files, preview files, edit and move pages from one pdf file to another. You can also use the rotate icon to rotate pdf pages and append your signature.

Step 1: To start rearranging pdf pages using MacOS double-click the pdf file to open in Preview.

Step 2: Click on the View command and then select Thumbnails or View.

Step 3: With the pdf pages displayed in a thumbnail format, select and move the pages to your desired sequence.

Step 4: Click on the File, and on the drop-down menu, select Save. If you click on it, your rearranged pdf file will be save


Way 2: Use Sejda PDF Desktop to reorder pdf pages offline

The other pdf editing tool that will allow you to organize pdf pages offline is the Sejda PDF Desktop. It has two sides: the desktop option and the free offline option. Both sides are good at organizing pdf pages and also giving them some retouches.

To use this tool, download it on your Mac or Windows, then run it. Launch the program and select the offline option. With the offline option, you’ll be able to rearrange pdf pages with or without an internet connection. Select Visual Combine & Reorder, then upload your pdf file.


Use the drag and drop method to reorder the pdf pages and lastly, save them.

Way 3: Use Adobe Acrobat to reorganize pdf pages

Adobe Acrobat has been in existence for many years and has remained the most popular. With the emergence of other free and easy to use pdf editing tools, its trend has been on the decline. You can download Adobe Acrobat for free and enjoy the offered 7-day free trial by subscribing to the monthly/annually paid options.

On opening this tool, you’ll find the features needed to make pdf files appear professional.


Its interface is densely loaded with actionable features. Some of which include edit, stamp, signature, create, share, organize and many more. Don’t be scared- this is among the easiest tool that anybody can use to rearrange pdf pages.

How to use Adobe Acrobat to rearrange pdf pages

Step 1: After downloading Adobe Acrobat, click on Tools. To rearrange your pages, select Organize Pages.

Step 2: After clicking on the Organize Pages command a thumbnail preview of your pdf pages will display on the screen.

Step 3: Use the drop and drag technique to rearrange the pages to suit your desired order.

Step 4: Save your rearranged pdf document.  

Way 4: Rearrange pdf pages online

If you are a constant user of pdf files, this is the best way to rearrange pdf files. To use this technique, you’ll have to master the best online pdf editing tools that don’t require to be downloaded.

Besides the Adobe Acrobat and the MacOS Preview, the other common pdf editing tools are web-based. And even though they fall short on many fancy pdf editing features, they are highly preferred. Since they are free to use and their simple, friendly interface spells it all, many people have fallen for them.

Among the online pdf editing tools, you can use include PDFescape, ilovepdf and PDFCandy.

How do you rearrange pdf pages using PDFCandy?

Judging by the number of features offered by PDFCandy, it may not be necessary to search for the more advanced tools. Besides rearranging pages, you can use it to edit, resize pages, highlight texts, and extract texts.

Step 1: Search for the web page on your browser and click to open.

Step 2: Click on the Add file and select the pdf document you want to rearrange pages.


Step 3: Drag and drop pages at the position you want them to appear – rearrange.

Step 4: After rearranging the pages, click on the Rearrange pages command button. Wait for the rearranging process to finish, and then tap on the Download file when it pops up.

Using PDFescape to rearrange pdf pages


With the top menu already indicating “Use Free” PDFescape is free to use.  It offers two options: free online use and desktop pdf editing. Whereas the free online option offers the pdf page rearranging services you need, the Desktop option has more advanced features. This means you can do more but at a small monthly fee.

To use the Free Online option, start by clicking the red highlighted button “Free Online”.  A four action suggestion will pop up.

Select on the Upload PDF File to PDFescape by clicking on it. A mall box with “Drop PDF Here will pop up with the option to Choose File. Tap on it, select the pdf to be worked on and click Open to upload.


After uploading your pdf file, click on the Page> More and then select Move. With the direction now given in bold letters, start moving pages to the desired position.

To download and save your rearranged pdf pages, click on the green download icon on the left side of the editor.

How to use ilovepdf to rearrange pdf pages online for free

Immediately you open this online pdf editor you’ll be amazed by the simplicity of its interface. This tool allows you to merge, split, convert, compress, organize, protect and edit pdf files.


All you need to reorder the pdf pages is to drag and drop the pages as you want.

After reordering, tap on the Organize button and wait for the file to be organized and downloaded. Lastly, click download and save your rearranged pdf file.

Way 5: Other PDF editing apps and software you can use to rearrange pdf pages

The simplest and fastest way to rearrange pdf pages on Mac or Windows is by using pdf editing tools that are faster and compatible with your devices. To use these tools, you have to subscribe and pay a monthly or annual subscription. With some technologies found in these tools sourced from other tools, paying a small amount shouldn’t bother you.

Some like the DeftPDF and PDF Candy are free online pdf editors that require neither registration nor donation. All you need is to upload a pdf file and use the editing features to perfect your document.

Some pdf editing tools like the PDFExpert are more advanced than others. Features like Edit PDF text, OCR PDF, search and replace and remove PDF password are commonly featured in such tools.

Foxit PDF Editor for Mac and Windows is another pdf editing software with a myriad of good features.

These tools still employ drag and move technology to rearrange pdf pages.


With the introduction of pdf editing tools compatible with Mac and Windows that can be used online and offline, rearranging pdf pages is now as easy as 1, 2, 3. And with every way simplified by the hundreds of tutorials and videos, you can reorder pdf pages in seconds.

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