How to Recover Deleted Images from SD Card

What, you accidentally deleted photos from SD Card? Well, don’t worry as it is quite a common situation. You may be simply ejecting the SD Card from your phone, camera or PC and, you realize later that some data is lost. Or you used the camera in low battery and while checking your media files, photos or videos taken with low battery time, they could appear missing.

So, here is a guide to help you restore deleted pictures from SD Card and use it to your convenience. The best part about this guide is that simple steps for micro SD Card photo recovery have been provided. In addition, more information about SD Card as well as quite a number of SD Card advantages has been listed. You will also find some pro tips on maintaining the SD Card and how properly use it.

What to Notice Before SD Card Photo Recovery

There are a few things you may come across before the micro SD Card photo recovery.

  • Check for signs of corruption on the SD Card

With an SD Card that is corrupted, especially due to causes such as malware, you will realize that after performing recovery of the photos, the issue may not be fixed. It is therefore recommended to do a thorough scan using an anti-malware on the SD Card before recovering any photos to avoid corruption.

  • Performance and Execution Speed

While the software works at a terrific speed, it is suggested to check the device that is being worked on. In this case, check whether the SD Card is in the right condition, or in other terms whether damaged or not.

It may be physically damaged thus hindering data recovery and if it is small damage within the files or format of the device, this is to be fixed before any recovery is done, so as not to affect the recovery duration.

How to Recover Deleted Images from SD Card

In case you have accidentally deleted photos from SD Card, this part will guide you on how to restore deleted pictures from SD Card. To recover deleted images or files from SD card, you have to resort to the third-party data recovery software.

Recuva is an outstanding and free SD card recovery tool. It’s provides edge features to help you recover lost and deleted various files from hard drive, memory card, flash drive, etc.

Here is a breakdown on how to restore deleted photos from SD card with Recuva.

Step 1. Select File Type

Launch Recuva software and choose the file type to recover. In this case, we select Pictures option. Then click Next button.

3 choose file

Step 2. Select Your SD Card

Please make sure that your memory card has been connected to the computer and can be recognized by it. Then choose the location where the data loss has occurred.

Here we choose On my media card option. And then click the “Next” button to initiate a scan on the storage device.

4 location

Step 3. Recover Deleted Images from SD Card

Once the scan is over, you can preview all the recoverable images, choose the ones to be recovered, and hit on the “Recover” button to save the image files.

7 results

Extra Information About SD Card Recovery

So, what is significant about an SD Card? Well, this part will focus on what an SD Card is, including some SD Card advantages, some problems that can be encountered with the use of an SD Card and also the function of an SD card. Please note that this information is vital in helping you know how to use as well as maintain the SD Card.

1. What Is an SD Card?

The initials SD stand for Secure Digital. This, therefore, means that an SD Card is a device used to store digital information safe and secure. To clearly put it, this is storage space for digital information that may comprise multimedia files such, photos, videos, music and many more files including documents.

2. SD Card Problems

There are a number of problems that can come about with the use of an SD Card. Though common, it is always recommended to find an effective way to maintain your SD Card to avoid such problems. Some of these problems have been listed below.

  • Accidental Deletion

Accidentally deleted photos from SD Card is a common occurrence. Though this may not be a very serious problem, it gets listed since it may happen at any time and the only way to counter this issue is with the use of free photo recovery software SD Card.

  • Virus and Malware

Another common occurrence is infection by malware which may lead to corruption of data on the SD Card. This eventually may cause deletion of data on the SD Card, including photo loss. Similarly, a good way to counter this issue is to restore deleted pictures from SD Card by using a recommended free photo recovery software for SD Card. To top it all up, you must also perform a scan on the SD Card using an anti-malware to get rid of the corruption.

  • Physical Damage

Physical damage may be in the form of human damage, fire or other mechanical faults. Though an SD Card may come from the manufacturer with mechanical defects, this cannot be listed as a reason. Physical damage can permanently destroy an SD Card causing permanent deletion of photos.

3. How Does SD Card Work?

SD Card works, in a pretty simple way. So, if you know what an SD Card is, then it means you know how it works. For some others who are new to using an SD card here is how it functions:

  • It records data on a solid-state chip which is inside the card, using flash memory.
  • The flash memory usually records information when electrical charges change the SD Cards circuits.
  • A similar process is used when erasing data on the SD Card for re-writing.

Precautions Against SD Card Photo Loss

SD Card photo loss may happen anytime without even your knowing and due to a number of reasons. There are various ways to counter these issues. However, we will share some tips that will act as a preventive measure and help you maintain your SD Card in good health.

1. How to Use an SD Card?

Using an SD Card is quite simple. Just regularly undertake some of the preventive measures listed below to avoid accidentally deleting photos from SD Card. In addition, the tips below will help you take better care of your SD Card.

  • One of the most important things to do is to regularly scan the SD Card to avoid corruption from malware.
  • Secondly, keep your SD card safe and out of reach from destruction. That is, remember to keep to keep it inside its adapter to counter some issues that may arise due to physical damage.
  • Lastly, always use your camera with full or sufficient battery so that it doesn’t accidentally end up deleting your photos from the SD Card.

2. How to Select a Reliable SD Card?

Well, selecting a reliable SD Card will depend on a few considerations. This can be explained in a few simple tips to follow when selecting a reliable SD Card:

  • First of all, you must determine the type of device it is to be used especially if you are selecting an SD Card for a Camera.
  • Now, in case you are selecting the SD card for a camera, you should always determine what the Camera is to be used for.
  • Thirdly, you should also find the read and write speed of an SD Card that will work for you.
  • Finally, determine the storage capacity you need and select that suits you the best.

Important – There are some other considerations you can make like selecting a reliable SD Card from a known brand that is internationally recognized.

Some reliable brands include: Delkin, Integral, Kingston, Lexar, PNY, Samsung, Sandisk, Sony, Toshiba, Transcend, etc.

3. What to Do for Deleted Photo Recovery

Accidentally deleted photos from SD Card may pose a great concern to some users. The only way to get ahead of this is by using free photo recovery software for SD Card and get back the lost photos.

One significant thing is that, if you have deleted photos, you should not make any attempt to overwrite any actions done. Once you deleted the photos, do not make any other move so as not to compromise the data recovery process.

So, once if you happen to accidentally delete photos from SD Card, immediately get the photo recovery software and try to restore your deleted pictures from SD Card.


To conclude we do hope that after having gone through this entire article, you are certain that you will now be able to restore deleted pictures from your SD Card with ease. The best method to do help yourself recover your deleted photos by using an easy and effective photo recovery software for SD Card like Recuva Photo Recovery from the house of Wondershare, a world-renowned technology firm.

Additionally, we have also provided you with some tips to help you maintain your SD Card. So, move with caution to restore deleted pictures from SD Card and follow the ways to maintain it too.

Additionally, we have also provided you with some tips to help you maintain your SD Card. So, move with caution to restore deleted pictures from SD Card and follow the ways to maintain it too.

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