Do I Have to Redownload Destiny 2 on Steam?

The Destiny 2 game has been on Bnet launcher until the change to Steam launcher. As a user and a gamer, the question arises as to whether you need to redownload the game on Steam or just relocate it and let Steam detect. This article will show you show you the need to redownload Destiny 2on Steam and also how to avoid redownloading, if you do not have such space and time to spare.1a40OK4fVlBJe4HMmpSwy6w

Do I Have to Redownload Destiny 2 on Steam?

The advisable reply to this question is yes. Yes, you have to redownload the Destiny 2 game on Steam. This is because the version of the game on is not compatible with Steam, hence the need to change to a version that will be supported. Also, with the new version and Steam, the previous version becomes archaic and begins to malfunction.

Although it may seem like the go-to action is to redownload destiny 2 on steam, this decision also depends on some considerations. There is a way you can actually avoid downloading it. Just keep reading to the next section.

How to Avoid Redownloading Destiny 2 on Steam

Do you wish to protect yourself from the stress of downloading Destiny 2 on Steam again, as well as save a ton of space and time? This is the way to go about it:

· Ensure your Destiny 2 game is still installed. Use a data recovery app to retrieve it if you have previously uninstalled it in the Blizzard client.

· Get a drive that has a huge space (approximately 80GB); this is the drive you will use to install the Steam version of the game. If you are lacking in space on your drive, you should know that you can install the app on a different device or an external drive from which you can relocate it on a later time.

· Make sure that the Steam directory you move your Destiny 2 folder into, is the right one; for instance: E:Steam|SteamappsCommonDestiny 2

· Go to the Steam store and search for Destiny 2. Select the “Play” button to begin downloading and installing it.


· If the above step has been done in the right manner, then you should see a dialog box with the message, “Discovering Existing Files”. Now be patient and let all the files be verified.

· After the validation, your Destiny 2 should continue on Steam as usual. It is important to note that at this point, it is about 50 GB of the game that is ready; the rest of the files have to be downloaded from the new expanded pack version of the game. Also, you will need to download some files that are specific to Steam itself to get the best out of the game on Steam.

· Going by the above method, you will be able to save a lot of hours or even days that would have been wasted trying to redownload.

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