Office hacks: refine the production of PPT fun animation

PowerPoint has a very wide range of applications in the field of education, but want to make PPT courseware “outstanding”, in addition to carefully prepared materials, but also to PPT comes with a variety of animation effects very familiar to become. Next, the author will produce their own PPT animation courseware in a little experience and share with you.

Simulation of animal movement in PPT

In teaching, we often simulate the movement of animals in the courseware for the sake of teaching content and enhancing students’ interest. It is difficult and inefficient to do it in Flash, so it is obviously not suitable for teachers who are busy with their work. In fact, this purpose can be achieved in PowerPoint, and the following author takes simulating a puppy running as an example to make an introduction.

First of all, it should be noted that the puppy running effect in this example is used to enter the animation “blink once”, which is not available in PowerPoint 2016 and other versions. The good thing is that many school teachers have kept the PowerPoint 2007 version, so we can use it to make the puppy running effect. The finished work can be played in PowerPoint 2016 without any problem.

After running PowerPoint 2007, create a document “running.pptx” and insert a background image, then click the “Text Box” button to insert a text box in the slide, and then enter a number of text boxes in the English state underline and separated by spaces (this example requires the insertion of seven puppy pictures, you should insert seven underlines), and then select the text box, switch to the “Format” tab, click “Text Effect → Conversion → Square”, add a square conversion effect for it Finally, adjust the size of the text box (Figure 1).


Right-click the first rectangle, select “Set Text Effect Format”, open the dialog box with the same name and switch to the “Text Fill” option, check the “Picture and Text Fill” radio box and Click the “File” button to add the first dog running picture prepared in advance. Repeat the above process to add the remaining six puppy running pictures for the other six black rectangles (Figure 2).


Select the puppy picture, click the “Character Spacing” button in the “Start” tab, select “Other Spacing”, open the “Font “dialog box,” the “Character Spacing” tab, the “Metric” parameter set to “60” pounds can be. After completing the above operation, you will find that all the puppy pictures overlap together (Figure 3).


Finally, it’s time to add animation effects. The first is to add a “blink once” animation. Select the puppy in the picture, click “Add Effect → Enter → Other Effects → Blink Once” to add a “blink once” animation effect for the puppy. Then double-click the first “Text Box 2” option on the right, open the “Blink Once” dialog box and do the following: In the “Effects” tab, set the In the “Effect” tab, set “Animation text” to “By letter” and “Delay between letters” to “100%”. In the “Timing” tab, set “Speed” to “0.25” seconds and “Repeat” to “until the end of the slide” and click “OK” can be.

Next to set the movement of the puppy track. Select the puppy picture and click the “Add Effect → Action Path → Left” command, to add a running track to the left, and then double-click the second right “Text Box 2” option, open the “Left “dialog box, then set “Animation Text” in the “Effect” tab to “By Letter”, and set ” Timing” tab in the “Start” set to “Before”, “Speed” set to “Very slow ” will be fine.

After the above steps, press the F5 shortcut key and click the mouse once, you can see the effect of the dog running from right to left (Figure 4).


Making “apple picking” animation effects

In the classroom, if the teacher makes apples out of the knowledge points and “picks” an apple for each knowledge point, it will surely arouse children’s interest in learning. To make the “apple picking” animation, we need to do the following.

The first thing to do is to import pictures and add text. After starting PowerPoint 2016, create a slide without any content and insert a background for it. Next, in the “Insert” tab, click the “Picture” button to insert the prepared apple tree material, and then follow the same steps to insert an apple picture and resize it. Then insert a text box on the apple picture, enter a knowledge point (such as the Chinese character “侣”), and finally right-click on the apple and the Chinese character “侣”, select “Combine → Combine” to combine them together.

Copy and paste the apple “侣”, right-click on the pasted apple “侣”, select “Combine→Uncombine”, and change the Chinese character “侣” to another Chinese character and combine them. and change the character “侣” to another Chinese character and reassemble it. Repeat the process of pasting the apple “couple” and modifying the Chinese character to make other apples, and finally put all the apples on the branch (Figure 5).


Tip: During the specific operation, you can flexibly adjust the number and size of apples according to the actual situation, so as to facilitate the input of the text of relevant knowledge points.

Next, add animation effects. Selected in the figure has been combined in the apple “couple”, in the “Animation” tab click “Add Animation → Fly Out” button, add a “fly out” for its “animation effects. Then double-click the animation options on the right side of the figure “combination 2”, open the “fly out” dialog box, “Timing” tab, the “period ” set to “medium speed”. Then click the “Trigger” button of the dialog box, check the “Click on the following objects to start the effect” radio box and click the drop-down arrow on the right, and finally select “Combination 2”. Click the “OK” button can be.

Imitate the above operation, for the other apples shown in Figure 5, respectively, to add “fly out” animation effects, so that the animation effects with apple picking courseware is ready. Press the F5 shortcut key, when students master a certain Chinese character, click the corresponding apple, the apple will slowly fall to the ground and disappear (Figure 6).


Teachers who need this may want to try it, and I believe it will certainly serve the purpose of enlivening the classroom atmosphere and motivating students.

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