System hacks: refuse to be bland small tricks to make the taskbar with a personality

If you are using Windows 10 every day, do you feel that the same old taskbar is bland and boring? If so, you may want to set up some settings to make your taskbar personalized.

1. clean and clear Remove the search box and buttons

Right-click on the blank space of the taskbar and select the “Show Cortana button” item in the shortcut menu, the Cortana button will disappear from the taskbar. Select “Search→Hide” to hide the search box or search icon as well.


If you just think the search box takes up space, but still want to use the search function, just select “Search → Show Search Icon” to replace the search box with a search icon to reduce the space occupied by the taskbar. 2.

2. Add or remove only the icons you need

Icons in the tray area: Search for “Select which icons to display on the taskbar” and “Turn on or off system icons” in the system “Settings” window, and select the icons you want to leave in the system tray. Select the icons you want to leave in the system tray.

To leave the icons on the left side of the tray: simply use the right-click menu command to fix or unfix them to the taskbar. 3.

3. Adjust the number of rows to see all icons at once

If the taskbar has been locked, first unlock the taskbar by using the taskbar right-click menu command; next, use the mouse to drag the border above the taskbar upward until you get the number of rows you want to display (Figure 1). After the adjustment, lock the taskbar again. 4.


4. Show tabs to help see the contents of icons

Right-click the blank area of the taskbar and select “Taskbar Settings”; then select “Merge Taskbar Buttons” as “Never”. The text label of the task will appear behind the icon on the taskbar.

5. add toolbar access to any location file

Right-click in a blank area of the taskbar and select “Toolbars”, then click “New Toolbar”; next, browse to the location of the saved folder and click the “Select Folder “button.


To delete an established toolbar: Right-click the blank area of the taskbar, click Toolbars, and then click the name of the newly created toolbar item to delete it. 6.

6. Hide the Start control using only shortcut combinations

If you want to hide the Start button for special reasons (e.g. security considerations for public display computers), you can use the 7+ Taskbar Tweaker for Windows 10 free tool and check the “Hide Start button” option (Figure 2). The “Hide Start Button” option can be selected through the 7+ Taskbar Tweaker for Windows 10 free tool (Figure 2). 7.


7. Hide or delete the Show Desktop button

Before removing the Show Desktop button, turn it off: open the Taskbar Settings window and place the option “Use a quick preview of the desktop when you move the mouse to the Show Desktop button at the end of the taskbar” on Off. Next, select the “Hide Show desktop button” checkbox in the 7+ Taskbar Tweaker for Windows 10 software. After that, the settings for this button in the system settings will be disabled.


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