Software recommendation: regardless of ordinary professional photo easy processing

RAW professional picture formats taken by DSLR cameras often require special image processing software for previewing and processing. With the help of RawTherapee, we can not only preview and process images in common formats, but also browse and process RAW professional image formats.

1. Image previewing, both common and professional formats

After launching RawTherapee, the default interface is “File Browser”. In this interface, we can use the navigation bar on the left to locate the folder where the images are located. Once you find the folder, double-click on it and a thumbnail preview of all the images in that folder will appear in the middle window. The pictures in the folder, whether they are in our common formats such as JPG and PNG, or professional RAW formats, are well supported.

Tip: Since the right pane has nothing to do with image preview, it can be hidden by the T-shaped button on the far right of the toolbar.

If you want to operate on a picture in the list, just right-click on it and select the corresponding command from the shortcut menu. For example, select the star command under the “Rating” menu to mark a photo with a rating (Figure 1).


2. Quickly change image format and quality in batch

To quickly change the file format or image quality of a batch of images, first select them in the File Browser window, and then execute the “Put in Queue” command in the right-click menu. After that, double-click the “Batch Queue” vertical tab on the left side of RawTherapee window to switch to the batch window. Specify the output path of the converted files, specify the file format and image quality, and then click the small triangle conversion button in the upper left corner of the window to start the batch file conversion operation (Figure 2).


If the “Save processing parameters with picture” option is selected in the conversion window, after the conversion, we can see some .out.pp3 files with the same name as the picture in the Explorer picture folder, where the format information of the picture processing is stored (Figure 3).


3. Image Editing: Professional options at your disposal

If you want to edit a picture, you can double-click it in the browser window, or you can double-click the vertical “Editor” button on the left side of the RawTherapee window after you have selected the picture, and then you will enter the picture editing interface (Figure 4).



The tools buttons in the right pane allow you to switch between exposure, sharpening, white balance and other items, and then adjust the parameters by dragging with the mouse through the various sliding axes below. As the slider moves, we will see the change of the picture effect in the preview window on the left. After you are satisfied with the editing effect, press Ctrl+S to save the picture.

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