Best methods to remove audio from a video in Windows 10

Can you remove audio from the video? How to delete the video in Windows 10? How about removing audio from online video? There are numerous techniques to eliminate audio from the video if you read this article.

Method No. 1: Use Windows Movie Maker to remove audio from a video:

The Windows Movie Maker program is included in the Elements for Windows 2012 package. In 2010, Microsoft became a supporter of this suite.

You can grab the original installation from this site. To proceed, get Windows Movie Maker and install it. Next double-click the installer file you downloaded earlier. Then choose the option to install programs. Photo Gallery and Movie Maker should both be checked.

To eliminate audio from a video in Windows Movie Maker:

In 2010, Microsoft became a supporter of this suite. You can, however, download the original installation from this site. The Wayback Machine is a freemium online archiving service, was used to recover it.

Next over double the installation file that you downloaded earlier. Then choose the option to install programs.

Check the boxes for a photo show and a video maker. Uncheck the boxes next to the items you don’t require and then click the button to download.


Open it once it’s been installed as well as the video you wish to chop. Simply drag the video into the app’s window. Alternatively, navigate to the Home page, and then select the option that indicates “Upload Photos and Videos” to import the video.


Now select the volume control for video from the Edit tab.


To mute your video, click to the opposite of the slider, there’s a Mute button. You can also silence your movie by dragging the slider lever to the left.


If you only want to delete a section of your video’s audio, you’ll need to divide it into numerous components and then choose the one you’d like to get rid of the sound from, Navigate to the Customize tab, click in the popup window next to the volume control for video, and then use the muted button or the slider handle to minimize the video clip.


Then record the video that you just turned off. For and video to be stored, go to the Files submenu, then Save Movie may take strongly suggested for this the task from the drop-down choice that appears. If you select this option, your video will be stored in MP4 format without audio.


Method No. 2: Using VLC, In Windows, you can disable the background noise from a video:

On your Windows 10 operating system, you most likely already have a VLC music player inserted. It can be utilized to disable your videos in this scenario. To trim and videos to be saved with VLC, you’ll need to take a few steps. See how to switch off the clip in VLC in our article.

Method No. 3: Using Premiere Pro, On Windows, you can extract the audio from a video:

You may also disable your videos with “Adobe Premiere Pro” (reputable video editing software) movie editing program. If you’ve never applied it previously and just want to modify your movie, People don’t recommend utilizing it to do so.

If you enjoy polishing videos and have Adobe Premiere Pro inserted on the Windows 10 computer, we have an article that explains how to disable Adobe Premiere Pro was used to edit the movie.

Method No. 4: Tips to Extract Audio from a Video as Quickly as Possible:

If you’re a Windows consumer, People may effortlessly turn off videos with Animaker’s Video Mute! Using a simple video attenuation tool, you may easily eliminate sounding or playback from your videos and submit them.

For those unfamiliar with Animaker, it’s a both-in this movie maker program that allows non-designers to produce professional-looking videos directly from their browsers. The audio interrupt tool works with a Web browser, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome, and other browsers, so you can simply mute your movies on the Windows system if you use one of these browsers.

Animaker’s Video Mitigation is the perfect solution for the job similarly you want to swiftly activate your videos on Social media, Facebook, Youtube, or  Instagram. You may silence Webm, MPG, MOV, MP4, and numerous different media forms.

The first turn: Register / Register and select dimensions

Create a free account or log in according to your existing one. Then decide on the video’s dimensions and social media platform. What is attribute percentage or size do you want your video to have after it’s finished? In the Create Video section of your dashboard, you can choose between Square, Landscape, or Vertical. You can also choose your proportions using the Personalized Dimensions option.

The Second turn: Download and expel the sound from the film

Download the clip people wish to turn off or on. You can download Clips of up to 20 GB in size with Animaker. Visit the Download Animaker has a tab for that item catalog and, at the edge of the button window, press the Upload icon.


 Tap the clip to place it on the canvas.


Afterward, in the upper right corner of the canvas, select the scissor symbol.


The audio button can be found in the lower right-hand corner of the next popup window.


To silence your clip, click the speaker icon. When you click the icon, it will now show the turn off the sound button to signify because the noise has been turned off. To save your modifications, click the round green tab in the bottom corner


To include sound effects, go to the Timeline Multimedia button and then to the Voiceover symbol in the app’s display’s lower-left edge, where you can select a selection from a dropdown menu.


Simply go to the Soundtrack menu and select a piece of backdrop songs from our massive, music streaming collection to add to your film.


Step 3: Check it out and download it

By clicking the play/pause button next to you. Right-hand you can do this by clicking the Share button. may see a preview of the video. The video can then be downloaded the clip to your pc by choosing Install Clip from the dropdown after hitting the Publish button. You may even share it straight from the app to other social networking channels.


Apart from the ability to Animaker, modify your videos also includes other multimedia customization software that you’ll need to modify the video clips for social media and your website.

Method No. 5: How to Freely Remove Audio from a Video on a Mac:

On a Mac, removing sound or voice from a film is straightforward and free thanks to iMovie. Though it is limited to media templates, iMovie is the greatest free for clip editing Mac users. It includes all necessary and basic editing capabilities.

There are two ways to remove sound from a video in Mac iMovie: erase or mute the audio.

How to Freely Remove Audio from a Video on a Mac

Method 1: Delete Audio

  • Delete Audio On your Mac, open iMovie.
  • The video should be included in the program.
  • remove-audio-from-a-video-15
  • Then drag and drop the video onto the timeline; you’ll notice that the video has an audio wave attached to it.
  • remove-audio-from-a-video-16
  • Then select Detach Audio from the video’s right-click menu.
  • remove-audio-from-a-video-17
  • After the audio has been separated from the video, right-click on the audio track and select Delete
  • remove-audio-from-a-video-18
  • Finally, save the video without the voice by going to File>Share>File.
  • remove-audio-from-a-video-19

    Method 2: Mute Audio

  • Mute Audio On your Mac, open iMovie.
  • Drag and drop the video into the timeline in iMovie.
  • Then, on the Audio button, select Mute from the drop-down menu.
  • remove-audio-from-a-video-20

    To save the video without the voice, go to File>Share>File.

    Is it possible to delete audio from a movie in Windows 10 for free?

    You are no longer permitted to do so.

    Since Windows Movie Maker is no longer available on Windows 10, it operated as a stand-in for iMovie and provided a free video editing solution for Windows, however, this service has been terminated for some time on Windows 10. On your Windows PC, you might be able to download and install this free tool, but believe me when I say that an application that does not receive upgrades will not provide you with long-term convenience.

    Method No. 6: Remove Sound from Video for Free Online & Without Watermark (Mac and Windows)

    If you won’t be eliminating sound from videos regularly, an online free video editor is a good option.

    Although there are various open-source video editors available online, 98 percent of them include watermarks in the final product. KAPWING and Apowersoft are good options for removing sound from videos online for free and without a watermark.

    1) KAPWING

    An online video editor that allows you to modify photos, videos, and GIF files for free. To name a few choices, you can trim, crop, rotate, resize, flip, merge, convert, and add text/image/audio. You’ll need to sign in with a Google or Facebook account to download videos without watermarks. The audio removal process may take some time, so be patient.

  • Sign in with your Google or Facebook account at KAPWING Mute Video.
  • Your video should be uploaded.
  • remove-audio-from-a-video-21
  • The video is then muted automatically.
  • remove-audio-from-a-video-22
  • Click the Export video and choose to Download.
  • remove-audio-from-a-video-23

    2) Apowersoft

    With Apowersoft, removing audio from video is as simple as upload>process>download. Furthermore, there is no need to register.

  • Go to Apowersoft Mute Video Online to get started.
  • The video should be uploaded to the software.
  • remove-audio-from-a-video-24
  • Click the Start Processing button to remove the sound from the video.
  • remove-audio-from-a-video-25
  • To save film without audio to your device, click Download
  • remove-audio-from-a-video-26


    Now have an audio file with the noise removed or minimized. With the options described above, I hope you will discover that removing sound on Windows 10 and Mac is not difficult at all.

    If you want to learn more about audio editing, check out Audio Editing Tips, which has everything you need to know about the subject.


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