6 Methods to Find and Remove Duplicate Files in Google Drive

Google Drives are one of the most popular cloud storage services in the world. You can easily save all kinds of files, such as documents, pictures, videos, music, and other files into Google Drive. Moreover, Google Drive provides 15GB free space for ordinary users, which is enough to meet the needs of most users. However, over time, Google Drive may accumulate more and more duplicate files. This will squeeze out 15GB of free space very quickly. So to make full use of the Google Drive space, we need to find an efficient way to clear these duplicate files. The following describes several effective methods to clear duplicate files in the Google Drive.

Why Does the Google Drive Not Recognize the Duplicate Files We Upload?

Google Drive does not support automatic identification and removal of duplicate files. However, the Google Drive can automatically recognize whether we have uploaded a duplicate file based on the file name and file size, and a pop-up box tells us that the file is already in the Google drive.

unnamed file

But this only avoids the situation where the files are identical, and many times duplicate files may have different names or sizes, which is not the case with Google Drive.

Method 1. Clean Google Drive Duplicate Files Manually

Although manual cleaning of duplicate files is a more time-consuming method, it can still be done if there are not many files and folders. The manual cleaning method is also very simple, but here are some tips.

First, log in to your Google Drive account. Then open a folder within a bunch of files. Click the Name on the list of files or folders and sort them alphabetically.

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This way you can easily find all files with similar file names. In general, you will probably see a lot of files that start with “copy of” or other files with similar names. Then we look at the file sizes in the file properties. If the files have the same size, then they are almost duplicate files and you can quickly delete them. For files with similar file names but different sizes, you can open them separately to see if they are duplicates.

You can delete it by clicking the trash can button in the menu bar or right-clicking the file and select the delete option in the sub-menu. However in some cases, files may be scattered in different folders. If you look for them one by one, it will be time-consuming. Besides, duplicate files may have completely different file names, which greatly increases the difficulty of identifying duplicate files. So if you find it difficult to find it manually, there are several solutions you can use.

Method 2. Use the Browser Plug-In

Some plugins make it very easy to scan your Google Drive’s directories and files online to find any duplicates and remove them. But these plug-ins generally require access to your Google Drive, and if you trust them, you can use this plug-in to help you. Here’s a look at Duplicate File Finder and Cleaner for Drive.

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After installing the plugin, you can select a specific directories and find duplicate files, such as MP3, photos, documents, etc. Besides, it can even scan subfolders within folders. This plugin supports all major browsers including Chrome, Firefox, and IE 10+. It is also very simple to use.

First of all, you need to click Select Files, Folders from Google Drive, or Scan the Entire Drive. It will then prompt you to log into your Google Drive.

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Once you have authorized and logged into your account, you need to select the scan type. The default option is to scan for duplicate files, but it also supports scanning for Shared files (files you share with others) and isolated files (files without a parent directory).

Then you need to select the type of file to scan. All types are selected by default, but you can also select PDF, image, video, or audio separately.

Also, if you need to clear some files that contain a specific file name, or files that are within a certain period, you can make some additional settings.

After these settings are completed, the plugin will automatically scan and display all duplicate results, you can choose to clear all duplicate files, or check some to clear.


Finally, go to the Trash folder of Google Drive. Click on the Trash drop-down menu and choose “Empty Trash“.


Method 3. Use the G Suite Component

If you’re using G Suite at the same time you’re using Google services. There are also G Suite components to remove duplicate files. This component was developed by the same developer as the browser plug-in mentioned above. So the steps are the same. We need to visit https://gsuite.google.com/marketplace/app/duplicate_file_finder_cleaner_for_drive/907288612170

and then after authorized Google hard disk access, refer to the steps on the Method 2.

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Method 4. Through the Online Duplicate File Cleaning Service

Some online services also supports to remove duplicate files from Google Drive. You don’t need to install any plug-ins or software to clear duplicate files from your Google Drive. But these online services usually require you to register and gain access to your Google Drive.

Here’s an example of Google Drive Duplicate File Finder. The online service claims not to download any files or passwords from Google Drive to their servers. The 256-bit AES encryption is also used for any file processing. So it can be trusted. It is also very simple to use.

Step 1. Go to https://www.cloudduplicatefinder.com/google-drive-duplicate-file-finder and click on the register and sign up for a free account. Then, after logging into your account, you’ll go to an app panel.

choose Google Drive

Step 2. In the application panel, you need to click add Google Drive, and then you need to authorize access to Google Drive. At the same time, the files and directories in Google Drive will be displayed in the left pane.

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Step 3. You can select one or more folders to scan. You can then select the appropriate file type to scan. Audio, video, document, photo, types are supported, or you can scan all types directly.

groups of duplicate files in Google Drive

When you wait for the scan to finish, you’ll see all the duplicate files in a list. You can check these duplicate files, permanently delete them, or do something else.

delete Google Drive duplicate files

If you have determined that these files are not needed, you can permanently remove them from the Google Drive trash folder.

Method 5. Use Google Drive Synchronization Application

If you used to synchronize files between the local computer and Google Drive, you will be able to clear duplicate files more quickly. There are multiple ways to find and clear duplicate files on your local computer. If you haven’t installed the Google synchronization app, you can download the Google Drive synchronization app from here,

Then click Download and install it.

After starting the synchronization application and logging into Google Drive, wait patiently for Google Drive to synchronize the files to the local computer. You can then manually find the duplicate files as described in Method 1.

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But the truth is that many tools can help you find things automatically and more efficiently. For example, Easy Duplicate Finder. Check the detailed review of the software.

Method 6. Use Duplicate File Search Tool

Here you can use the Easy Duplicate Finder. This software will help you clear files from your cloud drive without having to synchronize files from the cloud to your local computer. After downloading the software, we need to select Google Drive scan mode by clicking on the upper right corner.

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Then the interface of login Google Drive will pop up. You need to grant the software access to your Google Drive. The program then automatically scans the metadata of all the files in the Google Drive and identifies duplicates.

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Note that the software will not download files in the Google Drive, but through the Google Drive API to obtain file metadata, so its recognition is very fast. All duplicate files identified are then grouped and marked, and you can also click on the corresponding file to preview and see if the result is accurate. Finally, you can choose to clear the duplicate files or do something else.


With several solutions described above, you can clear duplicate files in your Google Drive very quickly. These methods can be used in different situations. If you want to clear duplicate files from your Google Drive online, you can do so by installing plug-ins or using online services. If you mainly use Google Drive to sync files, you can use some software from your local computer to quickly find duplicate files and delete them.

Of course, to avoid the duplicate files, developing a good habit of file management will yield twice the result with half the effort, such as the timely classification of files and the normalization of names. Also, if you are willing to spend extra money to upgrade Google Drive to obtain more space, then it will greatly reduce the pressure caused by duplicate files resulting in less space.

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