Office hacks: Remove slide numbers from the slide

Slide numbering provides a simple and easy way to navigate the content, it allows us to easily locate a specific page of the PowerPoint presentation, especially when we need to print the slides, as the number of the page number for the printing of the information is very helpful to organize, can effectively avoid the occurrence of the wrong page. But on the presentation screen itself, we do not necessarily need these slide numbers, because for some beautiful picture, if you add the page number, but will become less fresh and beautiful (Figure 1). So, how can we remove the slide numbering, but at the same time make the slides remain related to each other as it should be?


1. Remove page numbers from all slides

If you need to remove slide numbers from PowerPoint handouts, first start Office PowerPoint and open the presentation containing the slide numbers. Click the “Insert” tab, then click the “Text” group drop-down list, find the “Slide Number” option in the group list and click it (Figure 2).


Then, the Header and Footer dialog box will open automatically. In this dialog box, click the “Slide” tab, deselect the “Slide Number” option, and finally click “Apply All” (Figure 3).


Tip: If you only want to remove the number from a single slide, just select the single slide you want to remove the number from in the presentation, and then click the Apply button.

2. Delete the page number in the title slide

The numbering of the title slide is not as necessary as the title name itself, and since it is the beginning of the presentation, usually the cover content, there is no need to add a number. Therefore, it would be more perfect to remove the slide number from the title slide.


If you need to remove the slide number from the title slide, follow the steps described above to open the Header and Footer dialog box. At the bottom of this dialog window, check the “Do not show in header slides” option. If you are making this change to all title slides, click the “Apply All” button; otherwise, if you are changing only the current title slide, just click the “Apply” button for the current slide.

Tip: If you need to remove all the numbers in the title slide, and the other slides in the number to retain, you need to “slide number” check box and “title slide does not show” check box at the same time, and then click the “Apply All” button.


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