Ways To Remove Watermark from Video (Online Free Included)

Video footage can be a great way to pass information. In most cases, a watermark is always added to the original video to show the identity and protect the copyright of the original video. Even though a watermark has its advantages, sometimes we may need to remove the watermark from the video for personal interests.

But how can you remove watermarks from videos? Is removing watermarks from video free? Well, this article offers you incredible options for video watermark removal.

Sometimes, a video marred by a watermark can be the most annoying thing. In such cases, you may want to remove the watermark from the video. Luckily enough, this article has all you need to know; several watermark removal software is at your disposal.

With a wide extension of watermark removing tools, there is a choice for everyone. This article outlines desktop (for Mac and Windows), mobile (for iPhone and Android), and online applications to help you remove watermarks from videos.

1. Use Filmora to Remove Watermarks from Videos On Mac and Windows

This Wondershare Filmora software allows you to effortlessly remove watermarks from videos in a simple and easy process. You don’t need any editing experience to complete these simple editing steps. The only thing that you need to do is select an editing method that best suits you.

Note that Filmora remove the watermark is not free; you, therefore, have to subscribe. Filmora removes watermark techniques that don’t work perfectly if the watermark takes the center position on your screen. With Filmora, there are three techniques you can use to remove watermarks from video.:

Technique 1: Watermark Blurring (Mosaic Effect)

This technique does not remove the watermark from the video completely. Nevertheless, it has a great effect on the watermark, therefore, making it less noticeable. With Filmora’s Mosaic feature, you can blur logos, stamps, signatures, and other on-screen graphics. All you need is a few clicks, and voila! You are done.


Click Effects at the top>Utility at the left and then click Mosaic to preview the effect. Drag and drop Mosaic into the track above your video footage. After this, a mosaic square appears in the preview window. You can adjust the square’s size or position. That is, you can simply drag the square and relocate it to where the watermark is.

On the other hand, clicking the plus icon adds another square; this is most convenient when your video has more than one logo. After positioning the square on the watermark, double click on the Mosaic effect. Choose the blur type, and amount then hit “ok” to adjust your video.

Technique2: Cropping the Video to Remove the Watermark

You can remove the watermark completely from your video using this method. Nevertheless, this method also has its downfall; by cropping, you will also crop out some parts of the video as well. It is not possible to crop only the area where the watermark is. So, if you choose this method, you must prepare to lose some sections of the video as well. After placing the video footage, you want to crop it on Filmora’s timeline. Right-click and choose the crop and zoom option.


A crop window automatically appears on your screen. The window contains a cropping rectangle; you can easily reposition to remove the watermark. Clicking on Ok Applies the cropping effect removes the watermark from your video.

Technique 3: Replace the watermark

Since it is impossible to crop the watermark without cutting off some sections of the video on the frame, you can opt to replace it with a watermark of your choice. In this case, you have to import a new logo and place it on the timeline, set its duration to be as long as the watermark you want to remove. The preview window displays the new file that you add to allow for adjustments. Simply, adjust the size of the square and place it completely over the watermark you want to remove. This replaces the watermark in the video with that one of your choices.

2. Remove Watermarks from Videos Online Using Free Online tools

This article explains two online tools that you can use to remove watermarks from your video.

Method 1: Using the Video Watermark Remover Online

This online tool makes removing watermarks from a video convenient since you don’t need to download it. This tool’s online platform helps make removing the watermark from a video as simple as possible. Besides, the steps you need to remove a watermark are very easy. Nevertheless, users with the free version can only remove a limited number of watermarks.


You only need to click on the choose file icon to upload a video containing the watermark you want to remove, then wait as the Video watermark remover to do the rest. Follow the 4-step process below to remove a watermark from a video using this online tool:

Step 1: Head over to the watermark remover online site; http://www.videowatermarkremoveronline.com/

Step 2: Upload the file that contains the watermark you want to remove

Step 3: Hit on the Remove Watermark at the right and wait for it to finalize the process

Step 4: download the resulting video to your local device; the downloaded version comes without the watermark.

Method 2: Using Apowersoft Online Video Watermark remover

Using this platform is easy. It offers a free trial where you don’t need to enter your email. Besides, the easy-to-navigate interface is incredible. To remove a watermark from the video using Apowersoft video watermark remover:

  • Upload the video having a watermark from your computer
  • Click on Remove Watermark
  • You can hit the preview button to preview the video. In this step, you can add a single box or multiple boxes, meaning that you can remove multiple watermarks at once.
  • Select the Erase option and leave the online tool to finish removing the watermark.

3. Use Logo Remover Software To Remove Watermarks From Videos

Here, there are two software you can use to remove watermarks from videos:

Technique 1: Using Video Converter Studio

If you are not a professional video editor, then video converter studio is your best option. There is a free version where you can try out this program, and there is also a version that requires you to acquire a license at a cost of around $40.


Video converter studio’s design enables it to remove watermarks in soft subtitle format from a video. You also have the option to convert your video files into WMV, AVI, MKV, or MP4.

Furthermore, you can also adjust your videos by changing image values like contrast, saturation and even change the video duration. With this software, users can control the whole video conversion process.

Video Converter Studio recognizes all watermarks in a video and makes it really easy to remove them.

Technique 2: Using Remove Logo Now

It is software that analyzes the watermarks like subtitles before removing them. You might slightly damage the quality of your video while removing the watermarks. Nonetheless, this software is one of the best logo remover software available.

You can download it for free, or you can opt for the pro version, which costs about $139,99. Below is a summary of the steps to take when removing watermark using the Remove Logo Now software:

  • First, launch the Remove Logo Now software and hit the “add files” icon to import the video that you want to remove the watermark from
  • Secondly, click on the “Find Logo” icon, and the software automatically locates all the watermarks in the video
  • Use the resulting marker tool to highlight the area of the video that contain watermarks, then select the “clear section” button

4. Removing Watermarks from Video On iPhone and Android phones

In this article, there are two apps that you can use to remove watermarks from videos on your iPhone and Android phones:

Technique 1: Remove Logo from Video App

It is a free video remover app that is easy to use. The only backside is that it contains ads. Follow the following steps to remove video watermark using this app:

    • Head over to google play on your Android phone, download and install this app. Note that your phone must be an Android 4.3 and up version to make it compatible with this app.
    • Launch the app and hit the ‘start’ button, and this allows you to select a video from your phone’s gallery. Import your preferred video to the app
    • Drag the rectangle on the screen to the area with the watermark that you want to remove and then hit the “remove logo” button
    • You can click on the preview button to check the resulting video.

It is a free app that you can use to erase a watermark from a video. You can easily download the app and install it on your iOS 8.0 and later (iPhone & iPad). To remove a watermark from a video using this app:

    • Tap the plus icon on the top-right corner to import a video
    • From the video icon, click on “Remove Watermark.”
    • You will then have to select the video section containing the watermark and then hit “start.”
    • You can preview to see the results

The Bottom Line

With all the article’s solutions, you can effortlessly remove watermarks on any video of your choice. Whether you want to remove a watermark on a video on your PC or Mac, iPhone or Android phones, or even online, it is easy and straightforward.

There are various tools that are designed to remove video watermarks. With all these options, you can be sure that you won’t miss your pick. Pass on information via videos using the video watermark removers here.

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