Removing a password from a file in Microsoft Office 2019

In the previous topic, you went through the steps to password-protecta document. We will now learn how to remove password protection from adocument. Note that you will require the document password to open thedocument prior to removing it. Follow these steps:

  1. Open a document that is password protected. We will continue withthe file from the previous topic.
  2. While opening the password-protected document, a Password dialog box will appear, asillustrated in the following screenshot:

ms office 495

  1. Enter the password to open the document.
  2. Click on File | ProtectDocument.
  3. Click on Encrypt withPassword.
  4. Delete the password from the dialog box.
  5. Click OK and save the document.
  6. Protecting a document is also possible via the Save As dialog box when savinga document.
  7. Click on Tools | GeneralOptions…as illustrated in the followingscreenshot:

ms office 655

  1. In the GeneralOptions… dialog box, locate the Password to open heading (seethe following screenshot of the GeneralOptions… dialog box).
  2. Enter the document password to the right of the heading—this is thepassword you entered when you first protected the document. To removeprotection from the document, you will first be required to enter thatsame password into the Password toopen placeholder, as shown in the following screenshot:

ms office 437

  1. Click on the OK command to committhe changes, then save the document.

You have now completed the steps to password-protect adocument, and understand that you would require the password to open thedocument from this point unless the password is removed from thedocument.

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