Removing and rearranging fields in Microsoft Access 2019

If you add a field to the query grid and decide that you no longerneed it, simply click on the query grid and select the field you nolonger require by clicking on the gray area just above the field name. Ablack downward-pointing arrow will appear before clicking. Oncethe column is selected, press Delete on thekeyboard. The field is removed from the query grid butstill remains as one of the fields in the table list above the grid, asillustrated in the following screenshot:

ms office 484

You can rearrange fields on the query grid if you did not add them inthe correct order from the Show Tabledialog box when you first created the query. On the query grid,select the field you wish to move by clicking on the gray area justabove the field name. A black downward-pointing arrow will appear beforeclicking. Hold down the left mouse button and drag thecolumn to a new location on the grid. This step will rearrange thecolumns in the preferred order and will produce the query output yourequire once you click on the ! Runicon to see the result.

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