It’s bizarre: Repeating discs like this is good

Many of you have reported that after the recent frequent Windows upgrades, somehow there is a strange situation where some partitions or devices have duplicate disk letters in the Explorer’s navigation bar, which is super weird.


If you try it, you will find that no matter if the duplicate is a hard drive or a CD or a USB drive, they will still work fine. But this looks very strange, not to mention that if there are a lot of discs, they also take up a lot of space, so it’s better to clear them.



This time finally to use the registry (yes, the registry editor is back), first press Win + R keys at the same time, type regedit to enter the registry editor.




Now right click on this folder, choose rename, put a “.” in front of its name (without the quotes) and exit.


OK, now the navigation bar is back to normal.


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