Requiring a password to access a file in Microsoft Office 2019

We will now learn how to protect a workbook so that the user isrequired to enter a password to gain access to the file, as follows:

  1. Openthe YearlyProductSales.xlsx workbook.
  2. Click File | Info Protect Workbook to access the drop-downlist.
  3. Click on Encrypt withPassword.
  4. Enter a password into the dialog box provided.
  5. Click OK and then re-enter thepassword.
  6. A permissions message is displayed under the Info heading, indicating that a password isrequired to open the document and save the document.
  7. On opening the document, a password dialog box will appear, askingfor the password before being able to access the file.
  8. To remove a password from a protected document, click onthe File | Info | ProtectWorkbook icon. Select the Encrypt with Password optionfrom the drop-down list, then remove the password from the dialog boxand save the workbook, as illustrated in the following screenshot:
ms office 550

Protecting a workbook is also possible via the Save As dialog box when savinga workbook. Click on Tools General Options, then enter apassword.

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