Resilio Sync Review 2020: Features, Usage and Details

Nowadays, the demand for file backup and synchronization has become more and more intense. There are many cloud storage services like Dropbox, but they all have limitation, that is, all files have to pass through their servers, and the space provided is relatively limited.

Resilio Sync (formerly BitTorrent Sync) is a disruptive free cross-platform file synchronization software! It does not require a third-party server to allow multiple computers to synchronize and share files directly with each other, and AES encryption is used throughout. You can think of Resilio Sync as a personalized Dropbox without traffic and space restrictions. It uses P2P distributed technology based on BT download, which is fast and can be shared through key files. It is another disruptive new choice besides the popular cloud storage service today …

Resilio Sync is a new generation of P2P-based distributed file synchronization tool launched by the company that developed BT download technology. It is similar to Dropbox. Dropbox will upload your files to their servers and then distribute them to you. computer. Resilio Sync only synchronizes directly between your computers and does not send data out.

Because Resilio Sync does not require an intermediate server, it has advantages in some application scenarios compared to traditional synchronous network disk products. For example, those who have high requirements for file security and do not want the files to be easily leaked out; those who are not convenient to connect to the Internet; synchronize files in the local area network; used to directly back up files between peers; the file data volume is too large or too large, and general disk not enough space, etc.

How to use Resilio Sync

Resilio Sync client needs to be installed on different computers that need to be synchronized. Currently Resilio Sync supports Win, Mac, Linux and Android platforms. When installing the client, you will be asked to set the synchronization folder after setting the installation path and whether to start after booting. There are two cases here. One is to synchronize the local folder to other computers (Standard Setup). The second is to receive folders from other computers to sync to this machine (I have a secret).

020820 0222 ResilioSync1

I choose Standard Setup here because I plan to share the files of this machine to other computers. Click Next to select the folder location.

020820 0222 ResilioSync2

Then you will get a string of keys (Secret, a string of password characters) representing this folder. This key is a code for the folder. When you have this key, you can use it on other computers. Receive / Sync your folder by this code.

020820 0222 ResilioSync3

At this point, a folder has been successfully added, and the key string above can be used for other computers to receive synchronization. The Folders page on the main screen of Resilio Sync will show which sync folders you currently have.

020820 0222 ResilioSync4

Multi-folder synchronization:

After the software is installed, you can enter the “Folders” option to see which folders are currently synchronized. There is only one in the picture above, but you can add the local folder or receive other computer synchronization by clicking the Add a Sync Folder button. Incoming folders, that is, Resilio Sync supports multi-folder synchronization, which is more convenient than Dropbox can only synchronize one folder.

020820 0222 ResilioSync5

If you want to synchronize the local folders, click Generate to generate a bunch of keys, and then click Browse to select the folder location. If you are synchronizing a folder on another computer to this machine, first paste the key of the folder in the Folder secret text box, and then click Browse to select the save location. This is to receive other people’s folder synchronization.

File sharing and permissions settings:

Resilio Sync allows you to quickly share files/folders with different keys to different computers for synchronization or download files, and the same folder can obtain keys with different permissions to send to different people, as shown in the figure below. One line is a readable and writable key, Read only secret is read-only permission, and One-Time secret is a one-time key used within 24 hours (also can be set to read-write or read-only, such as for sharing files to strangers). Enter someone else’s key when adding a folder to get their shared folder.

020820 0222 ResilioSync6

Resilio Sync (BitTorrent Sync) vs Dropbox

File transfer:

Dropbox will upload files to its server first. Even if the computer is turned off, other computers can synchronize because it is downloaded from the cloud and returned.

Resilio Sync does not have a server, it is directly synchronized between computers, so the computer that owns the files must be turned on to synchronize it to other computers

File sharing:

Dropbox requires everyone to have an account, and file sharing through the account

Resilio Sync uses key to share files, everyone needs to install client

File size limit:

Dropbox has total capacity limit

Resilio Sync size limit depends on your computer hard drive capacity

Multi-folder synchronization support:

Dropbox can only sync one specific folder

Resilio Sync can sync as many different folders as you like

Pros & Cons of Resilio Sync

The biggest advantage is that it does not require a third-party server and is almost free from storage space and traffic restrictions. Because Resilio Sync is a P2P synchronization tool using the BitTorrent protocol, the transmission speed is basically limited only by the user’s network bandwidth. It can support simultaneous synchronization by multiple people, and the more people synchronize the folder, the faster the synchronization speed. It supports multiple platforms and can share files through keys.

The disadvantage of Resilio Sync is that the computer that owns the files needs to be online to sync to other computers. And because it uses a BT-like protocol, it may be affected in some scenarios where BT download is disabled. In addition, Dropbox will provide file version archives, and you can restore files to previous versions if needed, which is not currently available in Resilio Sync.

Applications of Resilio Sync:

Of course, Resilio Sync is not an all-around product, nor is it intended to replace Dropbox, but as a different type of supplement. It does not require the features of an intermediate server to be more useful in some cases, and you can choose between ordinary synchronous network disks and Resilio Sync according to your use scenario.

For example, I can use it to back up website files on the VPS server to my home computer. Because it is a two-way synchronization, after I modify the files on my home computer, the changes will be automatically synchronized to the website; my friends have multiple servers, each time Update files must be uploaded once for each one, and Resilio Sync can be used to achieve fast file distribution; you can even use it to share various files in the local area network.

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