Resizing a chart in Microsoft Excel 2019

  1. Place your mouse pointer on the chart frame that surrounds the chart(preferably on one of the corners to resize the chart in proportion);alternatively, click on the chart background.
  2. Move the mouse pointer to one of the corners of the chart (one ofthe white circles).
  3. The mouse pointer will change to an arrow pointer.
  1. Hold down the mouse pointer, and the mouse pointer will change to ablack crosshair pointer.
  2. Drag toward the center of the chart to make it smaller, or dragoutward to enlarge it, as illustrated in the following screenshot:
ms office 165
  1. If a certain part of a chart is clicked on, it will becomeactive (selected).
  2. It is possible to resize or move some chart elements, such asthe legend of the title, to improve your chart appearance.
To delete a chart, select the chart and press the Delete key.

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