Resizing and moving form fields in Microsoft Access 2019

  1. Open StudentsFrm in Designview.
    The existing fields on the form are neatly arranged, but if we need toadd another field to the form, it might not slot into place. Let’s seehow we would resize fields.
  2. Drag a field onto the form, and then click on the field to resizeit. You will see that the label and the field can be separated bydragging the gray square to the top-left side of the label orfield:
ms office 723
  1. Around the edges of the selected label or field, you will noticesizing handles. Place your mouse pointer on one of the sizing handlesand a double arrow will appear. Click and drag the field to resizeit:
ms office 138
  1. Alternatively, go to the Sizing &Ordering tab and click on the Size/Space icon. Select To Fit from the drop-down list.

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