Resizing objects in Microsoft PowerPoint 2019

Follow these steps to learn how to resize objects:

  1. Select the object to resize by clicking on it.
  2. Place your left mouse pointer on the sizing handle. Hold down theleft mouse button and drag toward the center of the image to make itsmaller and to keep the proportion of the image intact. Alternatively,drag outward to make the object bigger. The ribbon is another methodthat can be used if you wish to enter specific widths and heights forobjects.
  3. Select the object by clicking on it.
  4. Notice that the Drawing Tools orPicture Tools Format tab is nowvisible, depending on the object type (picture, shape, or chart) thatyou are resizing.
  5. Locate the SizeĀ group and enterthe width and height measurements as desired. The object will adjust onthe slide as you enter the new measurements.
  6. To access even further Layoutoptions, click on the Size dialog boxlauncher on the Format tab of theribbon. The dialog box will present itself:
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Take note of the Lock aspect ratiocheckbox. This is very important if the objects height and widthsettings must change in relation to one another and not separately.

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