System hacks: restore the Start button context menu “Control Panel” option

In order to strengthen the system’s new-style “settings” and dilute the traditional Control Panel design idea, Microsoft has removed the “Control Panel” command from the right-click menu of the Start button (or the menu activated by the Win+X key combination) in the new version of Windows 10. “Control Panel” command. But this command is still particularly useful for some old users. So, how can I restore this option?

1. Command+Gadget to restore the Control Panel option

First create a shortcut to the Control Panel. Type “Control Panel” in the Cortana dialog box, right-click on “Control Panel” in the auto-filter results and select the “Open file location” option to automatically go to “Right-click the Control Panel in the list and select Copy (Figure 1).


Create a Group4 folder in someone’s folder on the C drive (e.g. Myfolder) and copy the above Control Panel shortcut to that file, then rename the shortcut to “Control Panel (&P)” (Figure 2).


Next, download a small tool called HashLnk, unzip the zip file in the bin folder of the toolkit, and copy the hashlnk.exe program to the “%SystemRoot%System32” directory of the system (usually C:Windows) (Figure 3). System32) (Figure 3).


In the administrator command prompt window, go to the Group4 folder and then execute the hashlnk command to convert the above shortcut. The specific command used is as follows (Figure 4).


HASHLNK “Control Panel (&P).LNK”


Tip: If the error MSVCR100.dll is not found when the above tool is executed, please install the VC ++ 2010 component package by yourself.

Copy the converted shortcut together with the folder to the directory where the Win+X menu is located (%LOCALAPPDATA%MICROSOFTWINDOWSWINXGROUP4). If you do not want to copy it manually, simply execute the following command to do so (Figure 5).




Finally, log out of your current account and log back in (or restart Windows) to see the long-lost Control Panel option appear in the Win+X menu (Figure 6).


2. Third-party tool to add “Control Panel” with one click

In addition to manually adding the “Control Panel” option to the Start button context menu using the above method, you can also add the option with the help of a third-party tool called Win+X Menu Editor.

After launching Win+X Menu Editor, you will see in the menu list a list of items in the right-click menu of the current system Start button, which is arranged in 3 groups by default. Now to add the Control Panel item as a separate group, click Create a group on the menu bar or right-click on the window margin and select “Create a group” (Ctrl+N is the shortcut) to add a group. ) to add a group, and a new group Group4 will appear at the top of the menu (Figure 7).


Tap the Group4 grouping item in the pane, and then select the “Add a Control Panel item” command under the software’s “Add a program” menu (Figure 8).


Then, in the item selection list window that appears, scroll and find the Control Panel option and click the Select button to add it (Figure 9). Once added, click the Restart Explorer button to make the settings take effect.



If you want to add other Control Panel options to the Start button context menu, select the appropriate item in the “Add a Control Panel item” command window of the above software. In addition, you can also add any program or system administration tool to the Start button right-click menu by selecting it from the “Add a program” menu.

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