Restricting access to document contents in Microsoft Word 2019

We can restrict documents using a number of methods in Microsoft Word2019. If you forget a password for a protected document you will not beable to recover it, so be very careful with this, and only restrictdocuments when absolutely necessary.

The entire document can be restricted, or we can select parts of thedocument that can be viewed but not edited. These options are explainedin the following subsections. Restrictions can be set viathe Info option fromthe File tab, or fromthe Review tab on the ribbon.

Follow these next steps to protect certain parts of a documentfrom editing when sharing with others:

  1. Open the document. We willuse Resume1Furkidds.docx for thisexample.
  2. Select the Review tab.
  3. Select RestrictEditing from the Protect group, as illustratedin the following screenshot:

ms office 325

  1. The Restrict Editing pane will now bepresent to the right side of your Word document (see precedingscreenshot).
  2. Locate the second step, Editing restrictions, on the Task pane,making sure that the checkbox is selected to reflect Allow only this type of editing in thedocument.
  3. Click on Nochanges (Readonly) from the drop-down list box.
  4. Select/highlight parts of the document for which you wish to allowediting to happen. You may usethe Ctrl key on the keyboard toselect multiple parts of the document simultaneously.
  5. Under the Exceptions option, select Everyone to allow any user ofthe document to make changes to the highlighted parts of thedocument.

Or you could follow these steps:

  1. Click on Moreusers… to type the usernames of the people grantedediting rights.
  2. Click on OK to accept the usernames,after which they will be added to the list.
  3. At this point, you may select other parts of the document to allowdifferent users editing rights.
  4. Repeat this step, if required.

Refer to the following screenshot to view the precedinginformation:

ms office 128

  1. In the last step, click on Yes, Start Enforcing Protection.
  2. A dialog box appears, asking for a protection method. In this case,I’ve chosen the Password option.
  3. Choose a method and click on OK to continue, as illustratedin the following screenshot:

ms office 712

  1. Editing is in place for certain document parts, defined forparticular users, and the rest of the document will be restricted.
  2. Don’t forget to save the document so that the changes are intactwhen you share the document.
  3. You will notice that if you try to delete a sentence or edit aparagraph that is protected, you will not be able to edit it untilprotection is removed.
  4. To stop protection, simply click on the Stop Protection icon at the bottom of thepane, as illustrated in the following screenshot:

ms office 239

Note that you can also use the following steps to accessthe RestrictEditing feature:

  1. Go to File | Info | ProtectDocument
  2. Select RestrictEditing, as illustrated in the followingscreenshot: 

ms office 470

You now have the skills to protect certain parts of yourdocument from editing using the RestrictEditing pane within Word 2019. The next topic will show you howto protect the entire document.

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