Restricting changes to parts of aworksheet in Microsoft Word 2019

  1. Openthe YearlyProductSales.xlsx document,in order to restrict parts of the worksheet. This tool is very usefulwhen you do not want users to have editing rights to delete or changethe formula you have constructed in certain parts of the workbook. Theuser can view the result of the formula but cannot edit it.
Please note that before you can prevent users from editing locked cellson a worksheet range, you need to specify which worksheet cells you donot want users to edit.
  1. Click on the Review tab.
  2. Choose Allow Users to EditRanges from the Protect group.
  3. Select the range to protect from editing—in thisexample, G2:O145.
  4. Note that the Permissions… icon is available, should youwish to specify specific users who are allowed to edit a range without apassword. Click on Apply at the bottom of thedialog box.

Refer to the following screenshot to view the precedinginformation:

ms office 438
  1. Click on the ProtectSheet… icon at the bottom of the dialog box, then enter apassword, and enter it again to confirm.
  2. Click on OK to commit to thechanges.
  3. If a user tries to delete or edit contents in a protected range,they will be greeted with the following error:
ms office 357
  1. To remove protection from the worksheet, click onthe UnprotectWorksheet icon on the Protect group,then enter the password to unprotect theworksheet. Save the workbook.

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