Reusing presentation slides in Microsoft PowerPoint 2019

Using slides from an already created presentation saves a lot oftime, especially if the presentation you are creating is going toconsist of numerous slides that you can reuse from anotherpresentation:

  1. Open a new presentation called SafestSolution-Benefits.pptx.
  2. Go to Home | New Slide | ReuseSlides… (at the bottom of the menu).
  3. A Reuse Slides pane will open tothe right of the PowerPoint environment:
ms office 435
  1. Click on the Browse button toaccess the folders on your computer.
  2. Choose Browse File… to openanother presentation in the ReuseSlides pane – use the City BerlinDesign.pptx presentation to follow this example. Once selected,the file will open on the right-hand side of the PowerPoint screen as aReuse Slides Task pane.
  1. Before we insert a slide from the browsed presentation, we mustclick on a slide in the existing presentation to indicate wherewe would like to insert the new slide.
  2. To insert a slide beneath the selected slide, click to select aslide from the Reuse Slidespane. The slide will be inserted into the existingpresentation, beneath the selected slide:
ms office 215
  1. Notice that the inserted slide takes on the theme from the existingpresentation.
  2. Should you wish to keep the formatting of the selected slide and notmerge it with the existing slide presentation theme, click on the Keep source formatting checkbox at thebottom of the Reuse Slides pane:
ms office 811

With that, you have learned how to combine slides from otherpresentations into an existing or new presentation, as well as how toaccess the option to keep the formatting of the inserted slides as-is.Now, we will look at the different types of layouts available withinPowerPoint 2019.

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