Router always drop a command can guess eight or nine points

Obviously, the network strength is full or wired icon is normal, but the video card into PPT, web pages can not brush, the game can not move, idle heart these problems many partners have encountered. Every time to switch the routing, broadband / light cat, plug and unplug the network cable …… a pass busy. Is there any way to quickly determine where the fault really is, to facilitate the handling of it? In fact, just use a command to get it done.


Encounter this situation, while pressing the WIN key + R key to open Run, and then enter cmd, enter the command prompt. First ping the IP address of the router, IP is usually or, the command is ping or ping


The packet loss rate should be 0 when the network is normal, the wired connection delay <1ms, and the wireless connection delay <10ms, and values greater than these indicate that there is a problem with the routing connection. It is possible that a device is making a large bandwidth connection, such as downloading, watching HD video, etc. It is also possible that the number of connected devices exceeds the service provider’s limit, both of which need to reduce the number of connected devices and check whether there is any external pirate connection in the route management interface.


What? You don’t know the IP of your router, it’s easy, you can run the command DNS detection command nslookup + any website in the CMD window. The Localhosts address shown there is the router IP, another website IP should also be noted, the following may be used.


No problem pinging the router? Try the external access capability, you can ping the external website IP you tested before, or you can ping the website name directly. Note that some websites block ping commands to prevent cyber attacks. So you can ping several websites in different ways.


Generally speaking, if the external network access is normal, the delay should be <50ms and the packet loss rate is 0. If the delay is higher than 50ms, but around 100ms, you should also consider whether there is a high bandwidth connection to the device, such as the IPTV set-top box is connected, you need to turn off the set-top box to retest.

If the packet loss rate is very high, the delay reaches hundreds of ms or even a large number of websites can not ping through, then you should check whether the home and router line is connected properly. Fiber to the home also pay attention to whether there is too much bending, because the angle of incidence of light is too large will be shot from the edge, loss of signal, and may even cause fiber breakage.



You can also connect the computer directly to the broadband/optical cat for testing, if the computer is directly connected to all normal, ping the router also performs well, then the problem is in the router and the incoming broadband/optical cat connection or compatibility, you should check the connection and interface status. You can upgrade/lower the router firmware version or simply replace a router to test whether there are compatibility problems.

Finally, if the router or broadband/optical cat has obvious abnormalities when the failure occurs, such as lights jumping around, heating, etc., then it is most likely that the hardware processing capacity is insufficient or the external network has problems, and you need to upgrade the router or contact the service provider to replace the incoming cat. As the major operators are recently upgrading their networks, this situation is not uncommon.


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