RTX 2060 KO reliable or not? Use the GPU core code to understand the next

In response to the RX 5600 XT, Nvidia recently released the RTX 2060 KO graphics card, some people found that it uses the TU104-150 chip, some people say that this means it can become RTX 2080 la, absolute blood money, some people say that this is definitely a defective chip to do the graphics card, it is not worth. The RTX 2060 KO is in the end very strong or very bad? In fact, as long as you understand the laws of the GPU core code, these problems will be solved.


The codename of these GPU chips is generally “core code (abbreviation)” + serial number + version. For example, NVIDIA’s current GPU core is TU (abbreviation for Turing) 10x (release number) – xxx (core specification), while AMD has no core specification, it is Navi (Navi core) 1x (release number).


Many partners of the GPU serial number, the greater the performance of the worse the law is very incomprehensible, in fact, it is very simple, the GPU is now modular design, the first to launch a chip with the most comprehensive configuration, with high-end graphics cards from the hands of those not bad high-end players to earn a lot of money, and then gradually streamline the chip inside the module to launch mid-range, low-end graphics cards. Serial number so ranked down, of course, the high-end GPU serial number of small numbers, low-end serial number of large numbers.


Then it is the point, so is not the serial number can fully represent the performance? For example, the TU104 mentioned earlier is definitely stronger than the TU106? That is not necessarily, it depends on the core specifications, it represents a different configuration of the core, and often refers to the level of performance. For example, the RTX 2060 and RTX 2070 chips are TU106-200/300 and TU106-400.



As for how to look at RTX 2060 KO this chip, I think, the specifications are so much worse that there is a huge change, it is estimated that there are a large number of CUDA core problems caused by the remnants, I’m afraid it is a little difficult to open the core, even if the success is estimated to be far from the RTX 2080 specifications, do not hold too much hope. However, because TU104 this high-end chip is certainly the priority of the best silicon and other raw materials manufacturing, so the overclocking ability, really looking forward to oh.


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