Mobile Stringing: Save full videos in Shake Shack

Many videos on Jitterbug are incomplete, so you need to click “Watch Full Version” to watch the whole video. However, incomplete videos can be downloaded by long-pressing the download to local button (Figure 1), but there is no way to actively download a complete video.

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In Jitterbug, we just need to play the video content we want to save in its entirety first, and then go to /Android/data/ or /Android/data/ aweme/cache/video/cache directory, where you can see all the files cached in Jitterbug, of which the larger capacity is the video files (Figure 2).

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We can quickly lock the video files we need to save by sorting them according to time, or delete all the files in the cache folder before playing the video with Jitterbug, and then follow the above operation to find it easily. Rename the video cache and add the suffix “.mp4” (Figure 3), then you can play it directly with the video player.

14wj ccs dy 03

Some Jitterbug videos always have the Jitterbug watermark flashing around very annoying, at this time we can use the mobile browser to search for “online Jitterbug short video video analysis download tool”, in the open site input field to enter the need to remove the watermark Jitterbug video link address (Jitterbug APP click on the share button to copy the address with one key), according to the prompt to analyze the video will be able to remove the watermark.

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