System hacks: Save Start and Nana without rebooting

The constantly changing and updated Windows 10 often brings some unpleasantness while bringing surprises to people. Sometimes you may encounter the situation that the Start and Cortana buttons suddenly fail to work, not only clicking these buttons does not respond, but even the Win+S search key combination also fails. At this point, some tips searched online will often tell you to try restarting the system first. However, if it is not easy to restart your computer because the task in progress cannot be interrupted, how can you solve it?

1. kill the system Explorer process

First of all, through the Win + R key combination, activate the “Run” box and run the following command (Figure 1): taskkill /f /im explorer.exe command after running, even the deadlocked “Start” button and taskbar will be disappeared, at this time Win + R key combination also lost, but at this time Explorer process has been stopped, we just need to find a way to open the process again.


2. Restart the Explorer process in a roundabout way

As the “Start” menu and the Win + R key combination to execute the “Run” box channels are not available, therefore, at this time can not use the conventional method to run commands to restart Explorer Explorer process explorer.exe In this case, you can use the hot start key combination Ctrl+Shift+Del to cut in and get a way to solve the problem.

Press Ctrl + Shift + Del key combination, select “Task Manager” in the list menu, after entering the Task Manager, select “File → Run New Task” command (Figure 2).


In the subsequent “New Task” window, check the “Create this task with administrator privileges” checkbox, and then click the “Browse” button to locate the Windows folder where the current system is located (Figure 3).


After finding the Windows directory, then further locate the explorer.exe file, select the file and click the “Open” button (Figure 4); then return to the “New Task” window and click “OK”, let explorer.exe service reload. Thus, the disappeared taskbar including the Start button and Cortana icon reappears.


After doing so, I clicked the Start button and Cortana button again and found that they were back to normal.

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